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We are having 2 babies in our family this year, and a co-worker is pregnant, too.

One pattern and color way is going to work for 2 of the quilts. The 3rd baby we just found out about, so I have some time.

The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman (Ohfransson.com) and is called Fancy Forest.

Our niece is not going to find out her baby’s gender and my co-worker is having a boy. I think green, grey, and yellow is gender neutral. I had a great time picking out the fabrics with the ladies at Cupcake Fabric and Quilts on Spring, Texas. It’s a lovely little shop with a delightful collection of fabric.



Sorry for the quality of the bunny photo, late in the day camera phone photo. So far, I have made foxes, bunnies, and owls. This afternoon, I tackle hedgehogs.


I am sorry to say that 2014 was a slow sewing year for me. So far, 2015 is off to a good-ish start, though. I finished the last of the blocks for the quilt I’m working on, and laid them out on my design floor.


I finished laying the blocks out just as my husband got home. Though he helped choose the colors, he’s not jazzed about the very light pink. At least, I haven’t sewn the top together, yet, so, though it will be a pain, I can swap the blocks out.


Rion put his stamp of approval on the layout.

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If you have come here via Amy’s Creative Side, welcome!


I am entering this as my mini quilt. I started it back in 2009, but it got set aside before I could finish it. My boyfriend (now my husband) and I were going through my stash and UFOs at the end of 2012 and he thought this one was beautiful, so I wanted to finish it for him.


This is what it looks like unframed. But, we think it looks even prettier with a mat and frame!


I used silk thread and a fine needle to machine stitch the applique. Variegated thread made the background quilting blend well with the fabric.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Don’t miss out on all the lovely quilts over on Amy’s blog! And, vote for your favorites in each category.

Category: Mini
Finished Size: Approx: 13.5″ x 20″


Since I will be linking up to the “Year of Lovely Finishes” at the end of the month, I’m just going to give a peek of my quilt!


A label means it’s done!  (And, yes, there is a sleeve on the bottom of the quilt.  I’ve started doing both a top and bottom sleeve on my wall hangings, so they can be weighted on the bottom and hang nicer.)


And, a close-up of the quilting.

Now, I can start on my next project…which is going to be a Tula Pink pattern.

A couple weeks ago, I had a message on Facebook from a friend from my hometown. She wanted to know if I ever sold my quilts. Since I’d still like to enter “Whole Lotta” in a show this summer, I need to keep my “amateur” status. Selling your work puts you in the “Master” category, and I’m not anywhere close to a Master quilter. Anyway, I told her I would be happy to gift her a quilt that I would make her from fabric in my stash. Luckily, for both of us, she had no color preferences and wasn’t looking for anything specific as far as a pattern. She just wants something to curl up with on the couch. We had a sew-in that same weekend and I remembered seeing the tutorial for the oversize shoo-fly block quilt at Sew Mama, Sew . Four easy 35 inch blocks…top completed in 1 afternoon. Yay! Now, it just needs to be sandwiched and quilted.

In person, it’s much cuter. The colors just seem a little off here.

In other fabric news…The Quilter’s Workshop issued a challenge. We’ve been making Kanzashi flowers at the shop and the link takes you to all the entries. I made entry #2, #4, and #5. I’m especially pleased with my Kanzashi topiary. Here’s the picture from the store’s website.

There are about 35 flowers, a couple of bees, and a dragonfly…it’s very bright and cute! Can’t wait to get it back home.

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