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One of our nieces had a baby boy last week. I have had a quilt picture pinned for a couple years, that I just loved. The link led to a website that couldn’t connect, so there was no pattern available. My version is not exactly the same as my inspiration, but I do really like how it turned out.

We were able to gift the quilt in person this week. Mom and baby are doing well and he is cute as a little button.

The colors in the photo on the right aren’t really true…it was a cloudy day and I took the picture of the back indoors. I have had that frog and turtle fabric in my stash for years and finally had a good excuse to use it. The rest of the backing is pieced from leftovers from the quilt top…which is white, blue, green, and a gray/blue/white small patterned fabric.

This is the photo from Pinterest. It is from a website called stitchedcustomquilts.com, according to the pin…whoever designed this quilt – it is lovely. I left off the little pinwheels as I was already working with small blocks and didn’t feel up to making a 3.5 in pinwheel block.


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I have had a few finishes since my last blog post…but this is my latest.


The blocks for this quilt have been sitting in my closet for YEARS! I was part of a group in Dallas, TX, for a few years. We made 12 inch blocks in a round robin way. My block is the center of the quilt. I also added the top right and bottom left blocks, so I had enough to fill out the layout.

Earlier this year, I took a longarm class…this is my 3rd longarm quilted quilt.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying all the beautiful quilts in Amy’s Blogger Quilt Festival!



This little cutie is my first finish for 2018. It was made for our niece’s new baby girl who was born January 4, 2018. Big Disney fans – grandma requested pastels and either Dumbo or Peter Pan. The Dumbo block is from Fandom in Stitches . It is a 16 inch-block. The 8-inch star pattern is from Quilter’s Cache and the 4-inch pinwheels are from EQ7, I believe.

Next up, a UFO…I had some blocks from a quilt-a-long from a Flickr group that Old Red Barn Co. started oh-so-long-ago.  A group I belong to is having an on-line auction, and I’d like to contribute something, but I’m slow, so it needs to be something I can finish rather quickly. I had 12 blocks that I trimmed to 14 inches.


It’s not a great photo; the blocks are over-lapping and this is only 6 of the 12, but I love the colors. I think the top will need a thin solid border between the blocks and an outer border.

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It’s that time of year!  The Blogger’s Quilt Festival has all kinds of quilty eye candy just waiting for you to go and take a look!

My entry is 20170912_140737This pattern is from Missouri Quilt Company . I made the quilt top a couple of years ago, but hadn’t finished the quilt. My mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted her to have a little piece of comfort and beauty from my husband and me, so I pulled this out and finished it up to send to her.

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We are having 2 babies in our family this year, and a co-worker is pregnant, too.

One pattern and color way is going to work for 2 of the quilts. The 3rd baby we just found out about, so I have some time.

The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman (Ohfransson.com) and is called Fancy Forest.

Our niece is not going to find out her baby’s gender and my co-worker is having a boy. I think green, grey, and yellow is gender neutral. I had a great time picking out the fabrics with the ladies at Cupcake Fabric and Quilts on Spring, Texas. It’s a lovely little shop with a delightful collection of fabric.



Sorry for the quality of the bunny photo, late in the day camera phone photo. So far, I have made foxes, bunnies, and owls. This afternoon, I tackle hedgehogs.


I’m just getting around to posting my Festival pictures. I didn’t take as many photos as in years past. I was a little distracted with family issues, though there were many beautiful quilts on display. I tried to take pictures of those quilts I was really struck by, but that may not have won a ribbon. Apparently, I was especially drawn to the Japanese quilters work this year.

Here are some of the quilts I really liked:


“Souvenir” by Maiko Ogawa Itabashi-ku of Tokyo Japan. Represents the Houston skyline.


“Guardians in the Jade Vine” by Ruth Bloomfield of Queensland, Australia. As you can see, this one was a ribbon winner.


“Like Cinderella” by Yukiko Maruhama Kita-ku of Okayama-City, Japan.


“Sometimes Friendship Can be Sticky” by Barbara Dahlberg of Crofton, Maryland.


“Shower Trees” was the name given to the entire set of eight quilts…all by Kathy Nakajima of Tokyo, Japan.


And, finally, this masterpiece was also a ribbon winner. The first time I walked past, the quilter was talking about the quilt. This was her FIRST quilt. It was magnificent. In the photo on the bottom, you can see the little log cabin blocks from the border. I think the strips might be 1/4″ finished width. Crazy! I believe she said it took her 4 years to finish. “Why Not?” by Angela Petrocelli of Prescott Valley, Arizona.

As always, there were SO many fabulous quilts on display, it can feel a little overwhelming.

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No, really, I am.  I am even sewing.  The quilt from my last post got a makeover.  My husband didn’t like all the pink, so I unpicked all the blocks with the small pink squares and replaced them with lime green.  Even though I wasn’t happy to have to un-sew, I have to say I like the results.


It’s basted and the quilting started.  Here’s a wider look.


It’s been put aside for another project.  I’m making a Missouri Quilt Co. Binding Star Quilt.

Chain piecing…love it!


I’ve made 5 blocks…11 to go!

Hope all is well with you!

I am sorry to say that 2014 was a slow sewing year for me. So far, 2015 is off to a good-ish start, though. I finished the last of the blocks for the quilt I’m working on, and laid them out on my design floor.


I finished laying the blocks out just as my husband got home. Though he helped choose the colors, he’s not jazzed about the very light pink. At least, I haven’t sewn the top together, yet, so, though it will be a pain, I can swap the blocks out.


Rion put his stamp of approval on the layout.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I know, I’ve been away for a while. Sometimes, life happens! I’ve been busy with things other than sewing for the past few months. Things are coming together at the house…we still have a lot of projects, but it keeps us busy. I haven’t been avoiding the sewing room, but I’d rather be spending time with my new husband than sitting in the sewing room by myself. Anyhow, I’ve started a lap-ish quilt for my sister-in-law. I was able to take fabric from my stash. I had it set aside for a specific project that I hadn’t gotten around to doing. Bubba liked the colors and thought his sister would, too. Then, I had to find a pattern. I didn’t want to do anything too complicated, so it wouldn’t take a whole year to make, but I didn’t want anything that looked too simple, either. I turned to EQ7 and actually designed a one block quilt that looks more fussy than it is. It’s an hourglass block on point and turned 2 different ways. Maria's quilt My awesome husband hung my design wall for me today – we improvised and hung a curtain rod. I made 2 sleeves in my flannel – 1 for the curtain rod and one for a rod to weight the bottom. 002 I put up one of the blocks, so he could see how the design wall works: 003 And, then I sewed 16 of the half square triangle sets together and 32 2 patch sets before my back started to hurt. Kiki was enjoying “her spot” in the sewing room, too. 001

I stumbled across a blog today that is hosting a challenge for 2013…a finish a month.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Check it out by clicking on the button above! The idea is that you pick one project a month, link it up, finish it, and link up again at the end of the month. I have quite a few UFOs in the “sewing closet”, so I’m joining in.

I hope you will, too!

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