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Warning: Image heavy!!

Today was the day we made our way down to the George R. Brown Convention Center to partake in the shopping and admiring at the International Quilt Festival. Wool seems to be verrrry popular right now. We saw a lot of patterns we liked, but kept our spending to a minimum…a spool of thread to quilt the Christmas Moose, a Buggy Barn pattern book, and a pattern and some yo-yo makers for a gift to be made. We met up with some old friends for lunch, and spent most of the afternoon on the “display” side of the show.

I took pictures of the award winners – and they are all beautiful, worthy of award quilts. But, I figure those quilts are going to be all over the interwebs, so I’m not going to show them here. Instead, I want to show some of the quilts that made me say “Wow”.

I’m sure these pictures don’t do justice to the quilts, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

These first two are quilts made from twist ties…yes, like the little wire/paper things you use on your sandwich bags, or trash bags, or bread bags.
They were both made by Amy Orr…one is called Blind Stitching, Twist Tie Quilt #5; the other is Double Vision, Twist Tie Quilt #6. Interesting.

This is “Miss Bucket” by Ria Varkevisser of The Netherlands.

“The Mending” by Lea McComas
The arms and hands in this quilt look so…..real. Like a photograph.

“Origami Values” by Beatrice Gilbert

“Paul’s Magnificent Treehouse” by Helene Blanchet. All the little faces were made from buttons. And, the little blue robin’s eggs are beads. Too cute!

“Berne House Quilt” was made by members of the Bernese Quilters for an exhibition in Berne, Switzerland. There are 156 different blocks. The second photograph shows the famous clock tower, which is a well-known landmark in the city of Berne.

“Flamenco” by Jin Gook Yang

“The Quilted Yurt in the USA” by Linzi Upton.

“Color My World…With Quilts” by Sharon Schlotzhauer. You know a quilt is small when the ribbon it wins is bigger than the quilt itself! It is a whole cloth painting with quilting.

“Louisiana Bicentennial Quilt” and the Jefferson Parish block.

“Shangri-la” by Mayumi Watanabe

“Natural Wonders” by Kathy McNeil

“Stars for a New Day” by Peggy Richards

“Audubon’s Christmas” by Kathy McNeil

“Dawn Prayers on the Ganges” by Meri Henriques Vahl

“Ocean Blue” by Noriko Sato

“Guitar Blues” by Julie Poirier-Mathur and the Beaconsfield Quilter’s Guild

“Mistaken Identity” by Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchinson. This quilt is on a dark grey background…and the colors really, really popped. It’s gorgeous!

“Belief, Intuition, and Faith” by Gail Thomas and Sharon Schamber . That’s Gail standing in front of the quilt telling us the story of the quilt.

“The Garden” by Helia Ricci

“BBK (Bookcase Before Kindles)” by Margaret Kessler


I have taken a bit of a break from sewing. I need to get back to it as I have 2 projects near completion that are for other people, so they DO have to be finished in a somewhat timely manner. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some quilt pictures for you. Though it’s almost 2 months past, here are a few of our favorite quilts from the 2011 Houston International Quilt Festival. I dragged my boyfriend along with me…though, he said he was interested to see what this “quilt stuff” was all about. And, I think he was surprised at the art. We did discover that his tastes lean more toward the traditional than mine, but there were still quite a few that we agreed on.

This 3-dimensional quilt is called “Central Park” and was created by Kathy York of Austin, TX. It was very cool!

“Dandy Lions” is a whimsical quilt by Barbara McKie of Lyme, CT.

There are always a big number of Japanese quilts. This one, “Winter Flower” is by Keiko Maeda.

“Bali Hai” by Marilyn Badger of St. George, UT, was one we both liked.

That’s it for the quilty-ness. Here is some Christmas kitty cuteness, though.

Felicity came to live with us 2 years ago this month. She likes the Christmas tree. Both she and Kiki have been very good. I was afraid they would try to climb the tree, or pull ornaments off, but they haven’t. Yay!

Merry Christmas to you all! See you in 2012.

Yes, I overheard a man talking on the phone yesterday and that is how he described what he was doing!

Here are more pictures from Festival 2010. There will be some individual photos below the mosaic.

1. Icing on the Cake, Linda Roy, TN 2. The Coming of Spring, Mariko Nakano, Japan 3. Circles of Life, Linda French, OH 4.Wings and Feathers, Mark Sherman, FL 5. Fireworks, Nettie Smith and Linda Hibbert, CO 6. Snow Dancing, Harue Yumoto, Japan 7. Heartful Days, Aki Sakai, Japan 8. Circular Momentum, Becky Goldsmith, TX 9. Vintage Button Bouquet, Linda Roy, TN 10. Sun Dance, Cookie Warner, CO 11. Port of Cassis, Lenore Crawford, MI 12. Facade, Melissa Sobotka, TX 13. Reynolds Crossing, Sherry Reynolds, WY 14. Sundance, Debra Crine, NJ 15. Sun Salutation, Janice Head, CA 16. Time Goes By, Asako Haruyama, Japan 17. Good Morning Sunshine, Manon Gagliardi, FL 18. Dance As If No One Is Watching, Carol Goddu, Canada 19. Fashion in Motion, Diane Dempsey, WI 20. Caddy and the Cakes, Janet Fogg, OR 21. Komorebi, Shizuyo Morishita, Japan 22. Kirara’s Walking Road in the Wood, Ayako Kawakami, Japan 23. Kimono’s of the Far East, Betty Gould, FL 24. Go! Be Dazzled, Sarah Vedeler, AZ 25. On a Quilted Breeze, Nan Scott, Lisa Taylor, Mechelle Johnson, Dennis McGregor, and 44 members of OCQG 26. Geese in the Garden, Nancy Tracy, CO 27. The Regal Realm of Curlicued Flowers, Martha Mook, FL 28. Sea to Sky – Mariner Compass, Connie Brandau, CO 29. Leafing Large, Laura Wasilowski, IL 30. Night Flight, Sally Wright, CA 31. Spellbound, Lynda Claus, OH 32. Mystical Mont, M.C. Bunte, IN

If you click on the mosaic, it will open in another window…then click again and it will zoom.

Here are a few more, in case you aren’t too tired, yet!

Look at that face!
“SHH! She’s Sleeping” by Barbara McKie, CT

Simple, and beautiful…
“No Horizon 2” by Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum, MN

Selvages – so cute!
“That’s Graphic!” by Diana Sharkey, NY

“Glory of Ancient Remains” by Hiroko Goda, Japan

In the center photo is the quiltmaker, showing the ruby slippers on the back on the quilt. On the bottom is the detail of the Wicked Witch’s face quilting. I loved this quilt! I asked how long it took to complete – 6 months.
“Long Road Home” by Peggy Parrott, CO

“Visions of Fairy Tales Danced in my Head” by Margery Hedges, TX

“Ruffled Feathers” by Roxanne Nelson, Canada

These 3 quilts were in the Swarovski crystal display…totally blinged out, which doesn’t show all that well in the photos.

I took over 150 photos…I could have taken twice that many, easily! I am always overwhelmed by other people’s talent. Maybe, one day….

Warning: Image Heavy!!!

My feet are sore and my wallet is lighter…my 2nd trip to Houston for International Quilt Festival must be a success! I’m now stretched out on the couch in my hotel room, tummy full of Church’s Chicken and leftover chocolate bread sticks from Pizza Hut (oh, they are sooooo good!), Bones on the tv. When I finish this blog post, I’m back to this:

Well, not that particular block per se, as it’s giving me fits and I need to take it back to Dallas and ask Sam at TQW for some help as it’s her pattern. I’m pretty sure I’ll be starting this one over from scratch.

Anyway, back to Festival – you want to see the beautiful quilts there, not my crazy little mistake riddled block! I figured I would shop today and go back tomorrow to view the quilts. I ended up getting both done today. I was on the lookout for yardage of Pure by Sweetwater for Mode. I bought a layer cake, recently, and found a pattern, but I need some yardage. Sadly, I didn’t find any. I did, however, add to my Lorelei collection, and bought some great fabric from Fern Hill. The Stephanie Brandenburg Daydreams collection is gorgeous. I got a panel of the Iris and Daylily. I also got some 1/2 yard cuts from the Hollyhock Dolls and Garden Garments collection, and the Fingerpaints collection. We’d seen these fabrics at Spring Market, but they weren’t available to buy as yardage there.

A spool of thread from Superior Threads because I was afraid I’d run out tonight before I was ready to quit sewing.

And, Kaffe Fassett’s book Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts. Normally, I wouldn’t have bought a hard cover book at the show, but Kaffe was there, signing books. He also had about a dozen of the quilts from this book on display and he gave a walking tour of them. He was different from what I was expecting…more down-to-earth and humorous. I had my picture taken with him, but it’s very blurry. That’s what happens when you hand your camera to a stranger. Anyway, here are some pictures from way back in the crowd while Kaffe talked to us.

You can click on any of the photos to see a larger version. They will open in another window.


“Bordered Diamonds”

“St. Mark’s”

“Tumbling Fans”

And, then, do not adjust your screens…or reach for your eyeglasses, or take them off…this is the blurry picture, my “proof” that I met him:

Here are some of my favorite quilts from the display floor. Actually, there were many that I really, really liked from the “500 Art Quilts” book’s display. However, we were not allowed to photograph them.

The “Best of Show” quilt was by Sharon Schamber.

This pretty little wall hanging caught my eye because I love irises. The lady sitting to the left is the quiltmaker.

“Flower Songs” by Eileen R. Campbell of Victoria, Australia

I especially like how her flowers flow outside of the “frames” that the irises are in.

There were a lot of quilts that featured people. This one, you needed to stand back from to see.

She’s made of yo-yos! “Grace” by Shin-hee Chin, of Kansas.

Isn’t this a beautiful little face? Look at some close-ups of the quilting.

“Innocence” by Hollis Chatelain, North Carolina

This quilt came about as the result of a self-portrait challenge between the 10 ladies you see here.

Here’s a close-up of the bottom left face, so you can see the way the fabric was used:

“Hanging by a Thread” by Nadine Sanders and the Hanging By a Thread Quilt Group of Washington.

This one caught my eye because the 3 ladies on the left are walking into the quilt. Very cool concept.

Color Comes to Back of Beyond by Janice Munzberg, Pam Holland, Pauline McPhaulin, and Jeanette Coombes of South Australia, Australia

Another clever use of fabric pattern used to create a face.

“Rwandan Lady” by Virginia Greaves of Georgia

“Yes, I Am” by Deborah Sylvester of Washington

One of the quilts in the “Oh, Canada” area:

“The Snow Queen” by Christine Alexiou, Ontario, Canada

And, it’s time to take a break. I’ll come back tomorrow with even more quilts from Festival. Promise! Until then, have a great night.

So, are you back for more Int’l Quilt Festival beautifulness? Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed!

We had lunch out on the 2nd level patio on Saturday afternoon (Gerry, Cindy, and Charlotte).

Jim Shore was one of 3 celebrities I saw at the show (the other 2 being Eleanor Burns and Alex Anderson). Here he is autographing the Mickey figurine that Cindy bought.

Cindy and Gerry’s names were drawn in Make It University’s lottery for a Saturday afternoon class.

There were a lot of quilts with faces. Aren’t the colors on this one lovely? It’s called “Lipstick Sunset” by Betty New.

“Just Sing…Sing a Song” by Tom Russell is just so cute!

Bert Garino is “Quilting in Perfect Harmony”.

I believe the name of this quilt is “Puzzled”. This is the artist, Ruth Bloomfield, who is from Australia. The quilt is made from “fabric confetti”…a very cool technique, that I don’t think I have the patience to attempt! It was very neat to be able to hear some of the artists talking about their works.

A ribbon-winning miniature, “Quilters Utopia: Where Fabric Grows on Trees” by Sharon Schlotzhauer, had a teeny-weeny little quilt on it.

Twelve square inches! Mission: Impossible2 by Kumiko Frydl has a 128-point compass!

Judy Coates Perez created a beautiful “Moon Garden” with just one splash of color.

This group quilt from Japan is called “My Quilt Room” (Yasuko Ito and Oharibako). My favorite part is the little Japanese slippers used as sashing between some of the blocks! Sorry it’s a little blurry.

The detail is amazing!

Claudia Pfeil had 55,000 (yes, you read that right!) crystals on “Fire and Ice”.

And, we ended our time in Houston with a stop in front of Minute Maid Park to check out the trainload of pumpkins!

My friends, Cindy and Gerry, and I left early (early for me!) Friday morning for a weekend in Houston and International Quilt Festival 2009. Here we are outside the George R. Brown Convention Center.

(Me, Gerry, Cindy)

We spent most of Friday afternoon viewing the quilts, and all of Saturday shopping. The quilts were gorgeous! I was surprised at how many were wall quilts (as opposed to bed-sized), but the artistry was amazing. Some of the quilts attracted me because of their colors, others because of the picture, or subject matter.

This guy may have been my absolute favorite “quilt”. That’s me behind him. He represents Project Zambia, a global initiative to raise awareness of African children orphaned by AIDS. Mary Fisher is the textile artist whose display this adorable guy was housed. Look at this detail of his eye:


What else caught my eye, out of the hundreds of beautiful quilts? A few were in the “no photography allowed” areas, but here are some of my photographable favorites.

“Sultry Shadows” by Linn Shimek

The Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt – over 32,000 2.25 inch squares in 21 panels stretching 80 feet wide.

The detail on “Medea Escaping” by Marilyn Belford was amazing. And, the colors! Oh, my heck.

How freakin’ adorable is this? “African Adventure” by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga. Love this little guy’s eyes.

“Clam Session” by Karen Stone. I can only dream of creating a quilt this beautiful.

“Rose Window” by Kirsten Johnston.

Kathy Kelley wasn’t satisfied with just a cute quilt top on “Peacock Squawk”. The quilt angel was happy to show us how adorable the back was, too!

There are way more favorites to see…but if I show them all to you tonight, you might not come back tomorrow.


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