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The sister of our niece who got the forest quilt is also pregnant. She is due in September. Her colors are navy, teal, and coral. They are having a boy and are decorating with a Southwestern theme. My husband and I thought a quilt with some kind of feather theme would be cool. We scoured the internet and finally found a picture of a feather tattoo that we liked. The tattoo was done by a Puerto Rican artist named Krystel Ivannie. I hope she doesn’t mind that we used her work as our starting point.

I found some great fabrics at Fabric Chicks in Minden, NV. I also added a couple pieces from my stash.

This afternoon we traced our pattern on to freezer paper, Misty Fused our fabric, cut the pieces out, put them down on our background fabric, stuck them down, trimmed the background, added some interest to opposing corners, and had ourselves a quilt top!

20160717_144254My sweet husband concentrating on cutting out the pieces. He was a great help!

The machine stitching of the applique needs to be done, but I think what we have so far looks great!


I used a little flange of coral in the corners…it isn’t wonky like it looks in the picture. It just needs to be pressed a little better.

I hope you are having a great summer. Thanks for visiting my little blog!


I spent the weekend up in cold Duluth (which was a change from cold Dallas!) to celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday. It was pretty low-key…dinner on Saturday night at Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steakhouse. It is a newer restaurant in Duluth and an entertaining, yummy experience. None of us had ever been to a hibachi before…and Dad was a little nervous about it while we were waiting for a grill to become free. There was a lot of noise coming from the grill room. When we were seated and having our first 2 courses (soup and salad), we were able to watch the grill next to us and saw what all the noise was about.

Here are Dad and his girlfriend, Fran.

Some views of our food grilling…and the strangers we shared our grill with.

Sunday was Dad’s “real” birthday and he just wanted to have drinks at one of the local bars. Kristie (my sister) and I had a hard time finding what we thought would be a good gift. Football ended the week before (and we couldn’t afford Super Bowl tickets, even if the lodging would have been free! And, it was the Packers playing :-p .) So, we got him a Viking jersey with his birth year and name on it. (The name’s been whited out to protect the innocent…or the not-so-innocent 🙂 )

I think he liked it.

And, just because it was soooooo cute…

The bar’s resident cat.

…or the Absolute Best Place on Earth if you are my 70-year-old mother. Mom’s birthday was Saturday and my sister and I took her to Carthage, MO, to the Precious Moments Chapel and Park as her birthday gift. (Okay – really my sister drove for 12 hours over 2 days with Mom…I drove for 5.5 hours on Friday afternoon and met them in Carthage.) Dressed in a sweatshirt that she got back in the early 80s as a club member gift, Mom posed at the marquee wishing her a happy birthday from the Precious Moments’ staff.

I have to give the staff credit. Each person who stood still long enough got to hear about the fact that Mom has been a member of the Precious Moments Club since it began, that this was the first time in her whole life that she’d been there (never mind that 59 years of that whole life occurred before the Chapel even opened!), and that this was her birthday gift from her 2 girls. And, especially to the woman in the museum who very patiently let my mom plop her purse down on the podium that her cash register sat on and dig through her wallet looking for God knows how many membership cards to show off.

We got Mom to kneel next to the 7-year birthday train car and add a “0” to make it 70.

This mural is the focal point of the main room in the Chapel. The colors are so vibrant!

I think the gift shop was a little overwhelming for her. After putting a t-shirt and a windbreaker in her shopping basket, she wandered around for at least a half hour before putting any figurines in a 2nd shopping basket. When we asked her if there was any figurines she specially liked, her answer was “I want them all”. All told, she went home with about a dozen new Precious Moment items.

And, if you’re here because you want to see some quilty news…I did manage to make it to a quilt shop in the middle of nowhere – even though the address said “Joplin”. Bittersweet Quilts was a cute little shop that held an interesting combination of very country fabrics and very modern fabrics. I bought some yardage of “Fruitcake” by Basic Grey for Moda. There won’t be time before this Christmas to use use it, so I’m hoping to find a project and have it for next Christmas!

And, that’s it for today. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Back around 1984, I was in the chorus of “Camelot” at Mesabi Community College. Since then, my sister, Kristie, and I have taken turns calling each other on May 1 to sing “It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May” to one another. Because Kristie worked midnights for 18 years or so…so was the clear winner in this pursuit. This year, however, she was able to switch to days. And, she forgot. Yay, me!

If you haven’t visited Amy’s virtual quilt celebration…over 550 people – 550 – signed up.  See my last post for the link-y.

So, we ended April with a little weekend trip to Florida. My cousin got married. Kristie and I took Mom. Kristie kind of got the raw end of the deal as I just met them there. She was in charge of getting Mom to and from Mpls. Since I live so far away, it was good to see some of the MN relatives. Here are a few pictures from our trip.


We accidentally ran into Pam, Uncle Larry, and Aunt Bonnie at Sharky’s.  They were just finishing dinner and we were waiting for a table.  This is Pam, Uncle Larry, and Mom.  Wasn’t the sunset gorgeous?


This is the entrance to the ER in Venice, FL.  Mom has epilepsy and had a seizure at 5:30 a.m. on Friday.  The ER staff was really nice.  Mom was fine by 8 a.m. and we met Pam, Uncle Larry, and Aunt Bonnie for breakfast.

Here is a mosaic of some of the other things we saw/did:  Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Venice beaches, Shane and Tracy’s wedding.


Hopefully, some quilty things for you later this week.

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