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A couple weeks ago, the calendar said “autumn”, but our weather has not. Although, this week has been so very nice; Sunday we turned off the a/c and opened the windows.

I took down the summer-y wall hanging this past weekend, too, because I finished this cute autumn-ish leaf wall hanging. I found a maple leaf block pattern and enlarged it to be 1 big 36×36 inch block.

I quilted feathers in the brown/leaf sections and some big meandering in the light background.

I also quilted our names into the section where the leaf stem is. That’s “Lori” on top and “Al” on the bottom.

Then, I started on the Christmas wall hanging, so it will be done on time.

This picture is from the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company website. Isn’t it pretty? Hopefully, mine turns out like that – or a reasonable facsimile.

Here are some pictures of the process:

Trace the pieces on freezer paper

Iron Misty Fuse to the back of the fabric

Take picture of Rion in the fabric closet

Take picture of Rion laying on my…his…practice quilt sandwich

Cut out a million little pieces while watching football on Sunday and “Castle” on Monday.

Make a chickadee.

Happy Autumn!


I have taken a bit of a break from sewing. I need to get back to it as I have 2 projects near completion that are for other people, so they DO have to be finished in a somewhat timely manner. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some quilt pictures for you. Though it’s almost 2 months past, here are a few of our favorite quilts from the 2011 Houston International Quilt Festival. I dragged my boyfriend along with me…though, he said he was interested to see what this “quilt stuff” was all about. And, I think he was surprised at the art. We did discover that his tastes lean more toward the traditional than mine, but there were still quite a few that we agreed on.

This 3-dimensional quilt is called “Central Park” and was created by Kathy York of Austin, TX. It was very cool!

“Dandy Lions” is a whimsical quilt by Barbara McKie of Lyme, CT.

There are always a big number of Japanese quilts. This one, “Winter Flower” is by Keiko Maeda.

“Bali Hai” by Marilyn Badger of St. George, UT, was one we both liked.

That’s it for the quilty-ness. Here is some Christmas kitty cuteness, though.

Felicity came to live with us 2 years ago this month. She likes the Christmas tree. Both she and Kiki have been very good. I was afraid they would try to climb the tree, or pull ornaments off, but they haven’t. Yay!

Merry Christmas to you all! See you in 2012.

In fact, her middle name is Jane. Felicity Jane – maybe I should have named her Calamity Jane. Don’t let that “skinny head” fool you. She’s got a big butt. And, that big butt is prone to the rules of gravity. Which means, she doesn’t always hit her target when she jumps. (Believe me, I feel her pain. I still cringe at the thought of the vault during the gymnastics portion of gym class in high school.) I however, plowed straight into the vault. Fifi has claws with which to grab hold. Of the arm of sofa. The leather sofa. Which I have owned for all of 4 months.

I give you exhibits 1, 2, and 3. I need to call the furniture store and find out how much it will cost to repair as “cat claw marks” are not covered by the insurance I bought. However, should I cut myself with the rotary cutter and bleed on the couch, it will be replaced if the blood does not come out via reasonable means.

So, I used my Art Gallery half yard pack from Spring Market to make an arm protector.

I’d like to add a small border to it and then it needs to be quilted. It’s long enough that I will be able to tuck it between the arm and the cushion for stability. And, I have enough fabric to make a matcher for the other arm of the sofa. (Dang, that orange is bright! It doesn’t seem that bright in person.)

Necessity is the mother of invention…or the muse of quilting projects.

I actually finished the table topper I made back in October to do a free motion quilting demo. The pattern is from Heather Mulder (Anka’s Treasures)…her Livin’ Large book.

Heather appliqued flowers in the 4 corners of her table topper. The look didn’t fit my more modern fabric choice, so I free-motioned in the corners, instead.

It has Felicity’s approval.

I also chose some fabric for the Ogee QAL at Pickle Dish. I’m waaaaay behind :-).

I think the “Holiday Flourish” line by Peggy Toole for Robert Kauffman is going to be spectacular in this quilt!

And, this little guy was a little jealous of our last Girls’ Night Out…

I spent the weekend up in cold Duluth (which was a change from cold Dallas!) to celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday. It was pretty low-key…dinner on Saturday night at Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steakhouse. It is a newer restaurant in Duluth and an entertaining, yummy experience. None of us had ever been to a hibachi before…and Dad was a little nervous about it while we were waiting for a grill to become free. There was a lot of noise coming from the grill room. When we were seated and having our first 2 courses (soup and salad), we were able to watch the grill next to us and saw what all the noise was about.

Here are Dad and his girlfriend, Fran.

Some views of our food grilling…and the strangers we shared our grill with.

Sunday was Dad’s “real” birthday and he just wanted to have drinks at one of the local bars. Kristie (my sister) and I had a hard time finding what we thought would be a good gift. Football ended the week before (and we couldn’t afford Super Bowl tickets, even if the lodging would have been free! And, it was the Packers playing :-p .) So, we got him a Viking jersey with his birth year and name on it. (The name’s been whited out to protect the innocent…or the not-so-innocent 🙂 )

I think he liked it.

And, just because it was soooooo cute…

The bar’s resident cat.

The ice and snow is melting, so the girls got together for a night of sewing…and a pillowcase “class”. At 11:30, 5 completed pillowcases went home. Yay!

Me, Diana T, Stacey, Diana S, and Candace

The body of the pillowcase is made of Shannon Cuddle or Minky…really soft. The two pieces of the cuff are cotton.

Here is a closer look at the one I made:

And, since Kiki was here a couple days ago, here is Felicity.

“What? I’m just looking!”

So, Jerry Jones is throwing a party and The Snow Miser came to visit. For a week.

(Picture courtesy of Christmas TV Special’s website).

I’ve been in Texas since 2003 and this is the longest we’ve had ice and snow on the ground! The freezing rain started coming down in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. The ice stayed around. Today we got real snow. A few inches.

Mmmmmm….yeah…couch cushions do not make good sleds.

It’s hard to see because I wasn’t up high enough, but someone made a snow angel in the middle of the swimming pool.

My downstairs neighbors built a cute snowman on their patio.

The tree branches are heavy with snow.

And, I got to wear the hat I crocheted a few weeks ago!

Meanwhile, the cats and I stayed warm with lots of sweaters, slippers, fire in the fireplace…

and quilts.

The first 2 weather days, I did some sewing. (It’s a little dark in the apartment, so the pictures aren’t the greatest.)

I’m testing a pattern for Sam at TQW…some 3D paper piecing.

And, I worked on the block I need to do for Sisterhood:

More paper piecing.

Thursday and Friday I had remote access to the office, so I had to work. (Boo-hiss!) But, I plan to finish the Sisterhood block tonight and maybe find a UFO for Super Bowl sewing.

Hope you’re warm and dry, wherever you are!

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