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One of our nieces had a baby boy last week. I have had a quilt picture pinned for a couple years, that I just loved. The link led to a website that couldn’t connect, so there was no pattern available. My version is not exactly the same as my inspiration, but I do really like how it turned out.

We were able to gift the quilt in person this week. Mom and baby are doing well and he is cute as a little button.

The colors in the photo on the right aren’t really true…it was a cloudy day and I took the picture of the back indoors. I have had that frog and turtle fabric in my stash for years and finally had a good excuse to use it. The rest of the backing is pieced from leftovers from the quilt top…which is white, blue, green, and a gray/blue/white small patterned fabric.

This is the photo from Pinterest. It is from a website called stitchedcustomquilts.com, according to the pin…whoever designed this quilt – it is lovely. I left off the little pinwheels as I was already working with small blocks and didn’t feel up to making a 3.5 in pinwheel block.


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I have had a few finishes since my last blog post…but this is my latest.


The blocks for this quilt have been sitting in my closet for YEARS! I was part of a group in Dallas, TX, for a few years. We made 12 inch blocks in a round robin way. My block is the center of the quilt. I also added the top right and bottom left blocks, so I had enough to fill out the layout.

Earlier this year, I took a longarm class…this is my 3rd longarm quilted quilt.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying all the beautiful quilts in Amy’s Blogger Quilt Festival!


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