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So, a few days ago, I sneak-peaked a look at my Stain’d Glass Iris.  The first in my “Year of Lovely Finishes.” I’m very happy to actually have finished, not only on time, but early!


It’s not big – about 13.5 in x 20 in.  I was glad to be able to do all my quilting with thread I already had.  Yay!  And, I’ve started on my February finish.  No pictures, yet, though.

Linking up to the party over at Sew Bittersweet Designs!


Since I will be linking up to the “Year of Lovely Finishes” at the end of the month, I’m just going to give a peek of my quilt!


A label means it’s done!  (And, yes, there is a sleeve on the bottom of the quilt.  I’ve started doing both a top and bottom sleeve on my wall hangings, so they can be weighted on the bottom and hang nicer.)


And, a close-up of the quilting.

Now, I can start on my next project…which is going to be a Tula Pink pattern.

I’m joining in on the challenge set forth by Melissa at Sew Bittersweet Designs and Shanna at Fiber of All Sorts.

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The project I plan to finish in January is one that has been packed away (and forgotten!) since 2009.

2009 was the “year of swapping” for me. I did a lot of quilting for other people. I joined in 2 or 3 swaps at Quilting Gallery. One was a Spring Blooms swap. I made a lovely stained glass forget-me-not wall hanging. Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of it. Boo.

But, I loved another pattern in the booklet, and that was some irises. I appliqued the top, sandwiched it, and put it aside for other things. In November, my boyfriend and I went through my sewing closet and organized things a bit, so I would know what UFOs I have. Then we put them back so that those projects closest to “done” would be on top. When we came across the irises, he said “This is beautiful”, so I knew it would need to be the wall-hanging that goes up once we take Mr. Chris Moose down. Hence, it needs to be finished in the next couple of weeks!


I did a modified satin stitch with invisible thread on the pink/blue granite look fabric that frames the “window”…it’s more of a small, close zig-zag than a satin stitch. Each of the pieces inside the frame will be individually quilted, here’s an example:


I wish y’all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013. Happy stitching!!

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