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I bought the eagle heads (a laser cut, iron-on) at Festival in Houston in 2010 and started the quilt sometime in 2011. It was to be, first, a Father’s Day present, then, a Christmas present. I showed Dad the completed top at Christmas, which “forced” me to finish it…eventually!

There were a couple months when I didn’t work on the quilt at all as I was packing, moving, and unpacking. Then, there were a few weekend trips. And, indecision on how to quilt it.

This is the only picture we took before bundling it up to send to Dad. The big eagle’s head in the center has been stitched with black silk thread, size 10 needle, small zig-zag without being a satin stitch. There are long feathers quilted into the blue borders and straight lines quilted into the red borders. In hindsight, I wish that I had quilted around the cornerstones.

Otherwise, I’m happy with the way it turned out and glad to be done with it…now, I can start on a wall hanging for the designated “quilt wall” in the living room.

Currently, a spring/summer looking quilt is hanging there,

but with September less than a couple weeks away, it’s time for an autumn look. I’m planning to do the cover quilt from Dual Image Applique by Dilys Fronks.

So, happy belated something, Dad!

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