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I have a group of girlfriends…Sister Peeps…who were brought together by the Trixie Belden mystery series. Yep, we’re *mostly* over the age of 40 and our initial common bond is a children’s series that was first written in 1948. In the 7th book of the series, “The Mysterious Code”, Trixie receives an orchid from Jim Frayne. While there was never any romance between any of the characters in the series, Jim did call Trixie his “special girl” in “The Happy Valley Mystery”.

Anyway, I digress.

Earlier this year, the Sister Peeps got together in Tennessee for our Spring Fling. There would be gift bags, and I had an idea for my gift, I just didn’t plan far enough in advance what with my move and all. So, I just finished my gifts. la todera has a cute, cute, cute and fairly easy orchid pattern. This week, I made 8 orchids…one for each of my “sisters”.

We girls at Big South Fork…

A lovely bouquet of orchids ready to be sent out to a lovely bouquet of friends.

I also needed a little something for my office chair as it was leaving black marks on the wall…so, a bit of a modification to a pillowcase pattern and, voila!

Now, if I could only find the directions I was saving for a Kindle cover….

I moved in May and there hasn’t been any time for sewing. I have a lovely new sewing area, though, and wanted to show you some pictures.

This is my lovely new fabric bookcase! Thanks to Ikea and a very organized boyfriend all my yardage is now easy to see and easy to reach. Doors open on the left, doors closed on the right. We went with the 1/2 glass doors so the pretty fabrics could be part of the room decoration.

The closet is also nice and organized…project boxes and scrap bins ready to go!

My sewing table all ready for me to get back to it!

For now, I’m off to finish up some hand sewing…fabric orchids for some very special friends! Pictures to come.

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