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In fact, her middle name is Jane. Felicity Jane – maybe I should have named her Calamity Jane. Don’t let that “skinny head” fool you. She’s got a big butt. And, that big butt is prone to the rules of gravity. Which means, she doesn’t always hit her target when she jumps. (Believe me, I feel her pain. I still cringe at the thought of the vault during the gymnastics portion of gym class in high school.) I however, plowed straight into the vault. Fifi has claws with which to grab hold. Of the arm of sofa. The leather sofa. Which I have owned for all of 4 months.

I give you exhibits 1, 2, and 3. I need to call the furniture store and find out how much it will cost to repair as “cat claw marks” are not covered by the insurance I bought. However, should I cut myself with the rotary cutter and bleed on the couch, it will be replaced if the blood does not come out via reasonable means.

So, I used my Art Gallery half yard pack from Spring Market to make an arm protector.

I’d like to add a small border to it and then it needs to be quilted. It’s long enough that I will be able to tuck it between the arm and the cushion for stability. And, I have enough fabric to make a matcher for the other arm of the sofa. (Dang, that orange is bright! It doesn’t seem that bright in person.)

Necessity is the mother of invention…or the muse of quilting projects.

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