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Dad’s 70th birthday

Posted on: February 15, 2011

I spent the weekend up in cold Duluth (which was a change from cold Dallas!) to celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday. It was pretty low-key…dinner on Saturday night at Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steakhouse. It is a newer restaurant in Duluth and an entertaining, yummy experience. None of us had ever been to a hibachi before…and Dad was a little nervous about it while we were waiting for a grill to become free. There was a lot of noise coming from the grill room. When we were seated and having our first 2 courses (soup and salad), we were able to watch the grill next to us and saw what all the noise was about.

Here are Dad and his girlfriend, Fran.

Some views of our food grilling…and the strangers we shared our grill with.

Sunday was Dad’s “real” birthday and he just wanted to have drinks at one of the local bars. Kristie (my sister) and I had a hard time finding what we thought would be a good gift. Football ended the week before (and we couldn’t afford Super Bowl tickets, even if the lodging would have been free! And, it was the Packers playing :-p .) So, we got him a Viking jersey with his birth year and name on it. (The name’s been whited out to protect the innocent…or the not-so-innocent 🙂 )

I think he liked it.

And, just because it was soooooo cute…

The bar’s resident cat.


2 Responses to "Dad’s 70th birthday"

You know, I used to live in Duluth. For a little over a year… BRRRRRR
Looks like your dad had a lovely birthday!

I didn’t know that, Victoria! Yep, it was cold…and I think Dad had a really nice birthday weekend.

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