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The Iceman Cometh…and then he Stayeth!

Posted on: February 4, 2011

So, Jerry Jones is throwing a party and The Snow Miser came to visit. For a week.

(Picture courtesy of Christmas TV Special’s website).

I’ve been in Texas since 2003 and this is the longest we’ve had ice and snow on the ground! The freezing rain started coming down in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. The ice stayed around. Today we got real snow. A few inches.

Mmmmmm….yeah…couch cushions do not make good sleds.

It’s hard to see because I wasn’t up high enough, but someone made a snow angel in the middle of the swimming pool.

My downstairs neighbors built a cute snowman on their patio.

The tree branches are heavy with snow.

And, I got to wear the hat I crocheted a few weeks ago!

Meanwhile, the cats and I stayed warm with lots of sweaters, slippers, fire in the fireplace…

and quilts.

The first 2 weather days, I did some sewing. (It’s a little dark in the apartment, so the pictures aren’t the greatest.)

I’m testing a pattern for Sam at TQW…some 3D paper piecing.

And, I worked on the block I need to do for Sisterhood:

More paper piecing.

Thursday and Friday I had remote access to the office, so I had to work. (Boo-hiss!) But, I plan to finish the Sisterhood block tonight and maybe find a UFO for Super Bowl sewing.

Hope you’re warm and dry, wherever you are!


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