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Doesn’t that look delicious? Fresh out of the oven, bubbly and hot. It’s a Rhubarb, Apple, and Pineapple pie. I got the recipe from my cousin. This is my 2nd one in less than a week. The first was made this past Friday for a party on Saturday…a test pie, if you will. This one is going to Stacey tomorrow. A group of wonderful women have been providing one or two meals a week for Stacey and her family ever since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve provided a couple desserts. Nothing compared to a whole meal.

And, just because it hardly ever happens…Kiki sat still enough for a picture. She likes to sit on the seat of my sewing chair. I think she thinks I can’t see her if she’s “under the table”.

Don’t let that sweet little face fool you. She’s got a BIG meow and she isn’t afraid to use it!

Don’t they look cute? Yeah…just after this picture…

Hey, wench! Get out of my picture!! Whap!! Whap-whap!!! Mrow!!

It is an exciting life here.

It’s not squared up, yet…but I finally got this block done. It was my block for Diane in last year’s Sisterhood round. I had 3 or 4 blocks picked, decided on this one, then lost the paper-pieced parts. Found them and couldn’t find the directions. The stars all aligned and this little kitty is now DONE. Okay, except for the tail…it’s not sewn on because it goes into the seam allowance. Oh, yeah, and it needs the face embroidered on. But, I’m counting it as done.

Also, done…my chemo blanket! I’ll turn it in on Saturday and it will be donated to a chemo patient at the hospital where our sewing friend, Stacey, has her chemo. It is made of double-sided Cuddle.

I sewed down the binding with a zig-zag stitch…it’s the easiest way to handle the Cuddle binding.

I have other crafty hobbies beside quilting. When Stacey was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I crocheted several hats for her. I found the patterns at headhuggers.org. Anyway, it was cold in Texas last week, and I couldn’t find my hat. It’s a great hat, too. I got it in Lyon, France, in 2001. I’m sure it will show up somewhere. Anyway, I needed a new hat. So, I crocheted one for myself. The pattern is here. I finished it over the weekend. And, of course, it’s now warm. Anyway, I tried taking a picture in the mirror…might have helped if I’d put on a nicer top, but I was comfy and warm. So, here I am in all my slobby glory.

But, the hat is cute!

In other quilty news, I went to the Plano Guild meeting last week. Their speaker was Esterita Austin. She was interesting, funny, and…oh my gosh! Very cool work. I can’t wait to try my hand at her technique.

Well, that’s it for today. Happy sewing!

Brrrrrrr!!! It’s dang cold here. For Texas. As a Northern girl, born and bred, this would have been a warm day in Minnesota. But, this is Texas and it’s cold. It snowed on Sunday. Officially, I think we got less than 2 inches here. This was the scene outside my office window on Monday.

Yep, that was the result of our big snow storm. (And, thanks, Mother Nature. I was on Day 7 of a sinus infection when you blew that snow storm in. Nothing like the barometer changing to make a person’s head feel like it would like to explode!)

Anyhow, there has been only a little sewing going on here. I was sick last week and spent 2 days home from work…laying on the couch, watching Season 1 of “Young Riders” on Netflix, blowing my nose…no sewing.

On Saturday, Diana and I had a little sew night. I was able to get Dad’s birthday quilt/wall hanging to the sandwich point. Here it is:

Looks good, doesn’t it? May get to the quilting on Saturday afternoon.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Good thoughts to the people of Australia who have been affected by the floods, as well as to the people of Tucson affected by the tragic shootings there.

I hope you ended 2010 and began 2011 on a high note!

I ended 2010 with good friends and Texas hockey. After the Texas Tornado game, we skated a little bit. I was happy to get my shoes back!

I’m looking forward to a year full of family, friends, new beginnings, and many exciting happenings. This week I am entering one of my quilts in the Dallas Quilt Show…see, an exciting happening!

Yesterday was spent with more friends…sewing the afternoon away. There was good food and laughter. I even got a good deal of sewing done! One of our sewing friends was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. We found out that the chemo rooms are very chilly and TQW customers have been making double-sided cuddle chemo blankets and donating them to other chemo patients having treatments at the same hospital as our friend. I got 1/2 way through my chemo blanket – forgot to bring the other feet for my sewing machine, so I wasn’t able to finish, but I will get it done this week…maybe even this afternoon!

I also made a pillow case that matches the quilt I’m entering in the Dallas Show. Cute, isn’t it?

Dad turns 70 in February. I found this fusible eagle silhouette for a quilted wall hanging at Festival. I pieced the top together (using my own fabric choices. I think that flag fabric is kind of hideous – sorry!) and will be getting to work applying the eagle heads today. I’d like to have the wall-hanging finished BEFORE I get on the plane to go see him for his birthday!

Here’s hoping your year is filled with all kinds of wonderful things…and that you visit here often.

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