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Posted on: December 19, 2010

Back in the mid-80s, my sister and I shared the greatest apartment – the upstairs of a duplex – in Duluth, MN. It had a big kitchen, some old heavy dining room furniture, and a perfect view of Lake Superior. We were in college, and most weekends we were like the house that served Kool-Aid…the gathering place for a lot of our friends. Mostly, it was good, wholesome fun. Like Pictionary parties that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Anyway, we had a friend who was a very sweet guy and puckernuts was his curse word of choice.

What does that have to do with anything?

Remember back last week? My “Deadline Looms” post? Yeah, well, yesterday was the deadline and I didn’t make it. I was on track…had started the quilting…in fact, I even quilted for about an hour and 1/2 on Monday night after I got home from my guild’s Christmas party. At 10:30 p.m., I laid the quilt out on my living room floor to see how the quilting looked so far and…PUCKERNUTS! There is a mistake in the quilt. A big glaring mistake that I, somehow, missed until the 11th hour. This quilt was going to be my entry in the Joann Fabrics “Quilt Your Colors” contest. Not with a mistake.

See it? There on the left hand side? The star point that isn’t? There is NO WAY I’m ripping out the borders and rebuilding that block. So, instead of being “There’s a Warm Wind Blowing the Stars Around”, it is now named “Humble, TX”. And, I’ll finish quilting it when my bitterness subsides. Maybe sometime in February or March.

Just in case you couldn’t see it very well, here is a closer picture of the offending block:

Here’s a look at the quilting on the center medallion:

There is good news, though! I picked up my Christmas quilt from the longarm guy on Wednesday. This was the first quilt in the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-a-long on Flickr. The quilt-a-long started waaaaayyyy back in May 2009, so I’m extremely happy to actually have put the last stitch in the binding this afternoon. There are still 5 sleeps until Christmas, and I get to spend them all sleeping under my wonderful Christmas quilt.

Have a great week!


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