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The Best Laid Plans…

Posted on: November 28, 2010

of mice and men (and quilters) often go awry. My current project has a deadline of December 18. I’ve been working really hard on it and looked forward to this long weekend for the sewing time. Friday I hauled my stuff up to TQW for a day of sewing. At about 4 p.m. this

was a completed quilt top about 60″ x 60″. However, when I put the last border on and then put the quilt up on the design wall, said borders were wavy. So, I spent the rest of the day removing the 2 outer borders. And, 2 hours on Saturday sewing 3 sides of the first border back on. It seemed like nothing was going right. I knew I’d forced the fit on the side panels of the quilt top, but I thought I would be able to “quilt it out”. The plan was to actually have the quilt sandwich done on Saturday. See, the best laid plans…

So, as they say, back to the drawing board….or the scene of the crime….or if at first you don’t succeed. Yeah, I’ve spent all morning taking the 3 border strips I sewed yesterday off. And, the skinny little inner borders. And taking the quilt blocks apart and remaking the problem blocks. I’ve done 2 of the 8 blocks and put them back together and sewed them to the center medallion…much better.

This is what something like 600 inches of borders looks like:

Now, my 9 a.m. allergy/congestion medicine seems to have failed me. At least the allergy part. I’m sneezing up a storm and have a raging headache. I’m off to take some Tylenol and spend the next 45 minutes or so writing Christmas cards. Tonight, bowling.

Last night, I saw “Tangled” with the girls. It was a cute movie. Of course, it made me cry. I’m going to blame PMS. It could just be that I’m a silly girl who cries easily. Anyway, I would definitely recommend the movie…we saw the 2D version and I don’t think we missed anything by not seeing the 3D. (What is it with all the 3D movies these days, anyway?)

I also finished the latest JD Robb book, “Indulgence in Death”. I enjoyed it. Now, I’m on to “The Postmistress” by Sarah Blake (the author of “The Help”).

I hope, if you are an American reader, that you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, got all of your Black Friday deals if you were brave enough to venture out, and are having a relaxing last day of holiday before going back to work tomorrow.


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