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The Other Happiest Place on Earth

Posted on: November 22, 2010

…or the Absolute Best Place on Earth if you are my 70-year-old mother. Mom’s birthday was Saturday and my sister and I took her to Carthage, MO, to the Precious Moments Chapel and Park as her birthday gift. (Okay – really my sister drove for 12 hours over 2 days with Mom…I drove for 5.5 hours on Friday afternoon and met them in Carthage.) Dressed in a sweatshirt that she got back in the early 80s as a club member gift, Mom posed at the marquee wishing her a happy birthday from the Precious Moments’ staff.

I have to give the staff credit. Each person who stood still long enough got to hear about the fact that Mom has been a member of the Precious Moments Club since it began, that this was the first time in her whole life that she’d been there (never mind that 59 years of that whole life occurred before the Chapel even opened!), and that this was her birthday gift from her 2 girls. And, especially to the woman in the museum who very patiently let my mom plop her purse down on the podium that her cash register sat on and dig through her wallet looking for God knows how many membership cards to show off.

We got Mom to kneel next to the 7-year birthday train car and add a “0” to make it 70.

This mural is the focal point of the main room in the Chapel. The colors are so vibrant!

I think the gift shop was a little overwhelming for her. After putting a t-shirt and a windbreaker in her shopping basket, she wandered around for at least a half hour before putting any figurines in a 2nd shopping basket. When we asked her if there was any figurines she specially liked, her answer was “I want them all”. All told, she went home with about a dozen new Precious Moment items.

And, if you’re here because you want to see some quilty news…I did manage to make it to a quilt shop in the middle of nowhere – even though the address said “Joplin”. Bittersweet Quilts was a cute little shop that held an interesting combination of very country fabrics and very modern fabrics. I bought some yardage of “Fruitcake” by Basic Grey for Moda. There won’t be time before this Christmas to use use it, so I’m hoping to find a project and have it for next Christmas!

And, that’s it for today. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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