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It’s like a Gun Show…but quilts…

Posted on: November 7, 2010

Yes, I overheard a man talking on the phone yesterday and that is how he described what he was doing!

Here are more pictures from Festival 2010. There will be some individual photos below the mosaic.

1. Icing on the Cake, Linda Roy, TN 2. The Coming of Spring, Mariko Nakano, Japan 3. Circles of Life, Linda French, OH 4.Wings and Feathers, Mark Sherman, FL 5. Fireworks, Nettie Smith and Linda Hibbert, CO 6. Snow Dancing, Harue Yumoto, Japan 7. Heartful Days, Aki Sakai, Japan 8. Circular Momentum, Becky Goldsmith, TX 9. Vintage Button Bouquet, Linda Roy, TN 10. Sun Dance, Cookie Warner, CO 11. Port of Cassis, Lenore Crawford, MI 12. Facade, Melissa Sobotka, TX 13. Reynolds Crossing, Sherry Reynolds, WY 14. Sundance, Debra Crine, NJ 15. Sun Salutation, Janice Head, CA 16. Time Goes By, Asako Haruyama, Japan 17. Good Morning Sunshine, Manon Gagliardi, FL 18. Dance As If No One Is Watching, Carol Goddu, Canada 19. Fashion in Motion, Diane Dempsey, WI 20. Caddy and the Cakes, Janet Fogg, OR 21. Komorebi, Shizuyo Morishita, Japan 22. Kirara’s Walking Road in the Wood, Ayako Kawakami, Japan 23. Kimono’s of the Far East, Betty Gould, FL 24. Go! Be Dazzled, Sarah Vedeler, AZ 25. On a Quilted Breeze, Nan Scott, Lisa Taylor, Mechelle Johnson, Dennis McGregor, and 44 members of OCQG 26. Geese in the Garden, Nancy Tracy, CO 27. The Regal Realm of Curlicued Flowers, Martha Mook, FL 28. Sea to Sky – Mariner Compass, Connie Brandau, CO 29. Leafing Large, Laura Wasilowski, IL 30. Night Flight, Sally Wright, CA 31. Spellbound, Lynda Claus, OH 32. Mystical Mont, M.C. Bunte, IN

If you click on the mosaic, it will open in another window…then click again and it will zoom.

Here are a few more, in case you aren’t too tired, yet!

Look at that face!
“SHH! She’s Sleeping” by Barbara McKie, CT

Simple, and beautiful…
“No Horizon 2” by Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum, MN

Selvages – so cute!
“That’s Graphic!” by Diana Sharkey, NY

“Glory of Ancient Remains” by Hiroko Goda, Japan

In the center photo is the quiltmaker, showing the ruby slippers on the back on the quilt. On the bottom is the detail of the Wicked Witch’s face quilting. I loved this quilt! I asked how long it took to complete – 6 months.
“Long Road Home” by Peggy Parrott, CO

“Visions of Fairy Tales Danced in my Head” by Margery Hedges, TX

“Ruffled Feathers” by Roxanne Nelson, Canada

These 3 quilts were in the Swarovski crystal display…totally blinged out, which doesn’t show all that well in the photos.

I took over 150 photos…I could have taken twice that many, easily! I am always overwhelmed by other people’s talent. Maybe, one day….


9 Responses to "It’s like a Gun Show…but quilts…"

Did you happen to get a picture of that one quilt of a castle landscape with dragons stitched into the sky?

I somehow *lost* that photo from my digital camera (actually, I lost all my photos)… and I’m devastated. It wouldn’t be an issue except I don’t have the picture of the quilt’s title or the artist’s name either.

I apologize if the concept of a totally random stranger searching other people’s blogs for pictures is weird.

Lovely blog 🙂

I did, Erica! It is the last picture in the mosaic. I also have a picture of the dragon that I didn’t post on the blog. I’d be happy to e-mail them to you tonight.

I can’t believe I missed it! If it had been a snake it would have bit me.

Thank you… is there a way to send you my email address without posting it?

There is, Erica – I see it when I manage my comments. I’ve just sent you an e-mail to test it.

Love the gun show comment. Too funny!

Your best post yet! The photo mosaic is terrific 🙂

Beautiful Quilts/Fotos! I’m going to share this link!

Thanks, Lisa!

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