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The View from Houston 2010

Posted on: November 6, 2010

Warning: Image Heavy!!!

My feet are sore and my wallet is lighter…my 2nd trip to Houston for International Quilt Festival must be a success! I’m now stretched out on the couch in my hotel room, tummy full of Church’s Chicken and leftover chocolate bread sticks from Pizza Hut (oh, they are sooooo good!), Bones on the tv. When I finish this blog post, I’m back to this:

Well, not that particular block per se, as it’s giving me fits and I need to take it back to Dallas and ask Sam at TQW for some help as it’s her pattern. I’m pretty sure I’ll be starting this one over from scratch.

Anyway, back to Festival – you want to see the beautiful quilts there, not my crazy little mistake riddled block! I figured I would shop today and go back tomorrow to view the quilts. I ended up getting both done today. I was on the lookout for yardage of Pure by Sweetwater for Mode. I bought a layer cake, recently, and found a pattern, but I need some yardage. Sadly, I didn’t find any. I did, however, add to my Lorelei collection, and bought some great fabric from Fern Hill. The Stephanie Brandenburg Daydreams collection is gorgeous. I got a panel of the Iris and Daylily. I also got some 1/2 yard cuts from the Hollyhock Dolls and Garden Garments collection, and the Fingerpaints collection. We’d seen these fabrics at Spring Market, but they weren’t available to buy as yardage there.

A spool of thread from Superior Threads because I was afraid I’d run out tonight before I was ready to quit sewing.

And, Kaffe Fassett’s book Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts. Normally, I wouldn’t have bought a hard cover book at the show, but Kaffe was there, signing books. He also had about a dozen of the quilts from this book on display and he gave a walking tour of them. He was different from what I was expecting…more down-to-earth and humorous. I had my picture taken with him, but it’s very blurry. That’s what happens when you hand your camera to a stranger. Anyway, here are some pictures from way back in the crowd while Kaffe talked to us.

You can click on any of the photos to see a larger version. They will open in another window.


“Bordered Diamonds”

“St. Mark’s”

“Tumbling Fans”

And, then, do not adjust your screens…or reach for your eyeglasses, or take them off…this is the blurry picture, my “proof” that I met him:

Here are some of my favorite quilts from the display floor. Actually, there were many that I really, really liked from the “500 Art Quilts” book’s display. However, we were not allowed to photograph them.

The “Best of Show” quilt was by Sharon Schamber.

This pretty little wall hanging caught my eye because I love irises. The lady sitting to the left is the quiltmaker.

“Flower Songs” by Eileen R. Campbell of Victoria, Australia

I especially like how her flowers flow outside of the “frames” that the irises are in.

There were a lot of quilts that featured people. This one, you needed to stand back from to see.

She’s made of yo-yos! “Grace” by Shin-hee Chin, of Kansas.

Isn’t this a beautiful little face? Look at some close-ups of the quilting.

“Innocence” by Hollis Chatelain, North Carolina

This quilt came about as the result of a self-portrait challenge between the 10 ladies you see here.

Here’s a close-up of the bottom left face, so you can see the way the fabric was used:

“Hanging by a Thread” by Nadine Sanders and the Hanging By a Thread Quilt Group of Washington.

This one caught my eye because the 3 ladies on the left are walking into the quilt. Very cool concept.

Color Comes to Back of Beyond by Janice Munzberg, Pam Holland, Pauline McPhaulin, and Jeanette Coombes of South Australia, Australia

Another clever use of fabric pattern used to create a face.

“Rwandan Lady” by Virginia Greaves of Georgia

“Yes, I Am” by Deborah Sylvester of Washington

One of the quilts in the “Oh, Canada” area:

“The Snow Queen” by Christine Alexiou, Ontario, Canada

And, it’s time to take a break. I’ll come back tomorrow with even more quilts from Festival. Promise! Until then, have a great night.


3 Responses to "The View from Houston 2010"

Hi Lori! I must have been standing right behind you when I took my picture of kaffe! I have the same shot! in fact I may have the back of your head on my shot! Wasn’t it so much fun? I am dead tired…thanks for the info on that quilt… much appreciated!! go to my flickr page, you can see the kaffe shot

Victoria – That is too funny! It does look like the same picture, but I don’t think he had the microphone, yet, when he talked about that quilt when I saw him. I was at the 11 a.m. “tour”.

I met Kaffe many years ago when he was here promoting his knitting. My sister knitted one of his patterns.
Wow it looks like a fabulous show, thanks for sharing so much of your visit with me.

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