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Once again, Amy is hosting the quilt show in conjunction with Market and Festival in Houston.

I’m sharing a quilt that I showed on my blog just a couple weeks ago. This is my “Whole Lotta” quilt.

I started this quilt probably about 6 years ago. I had seen it in Kaffe Fasset’s Passionate Patchwork book. It is his “Suzani” pattern. Originally, this was to be a baby quilt for an acquaintance. I wasn’t very happy with the way the top was going together…the way the circles were set into the quilt is not the way I would do it today…now that I know more…and, they didn’t lay flat. In fact, most of the circles were about a “C” cup!

This year, I learned to machine quilt on my home machine. My guild has a UFO challenge and this was one of the UFOs on my list. When I sandwiched it, I had to pin the heck out of the circles. A number of hours later, as well as something like 8 or more spools of orange, gold, and blue thread, I have a quilt I just love. Here are a couple close-ups of the quilting:

Thanks for stopping by! If you are looking for more of the quilts in the Festival, head over to:

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

I really hate trying to think of a clever blog title…

So, today I made my block for this week’s Sisterhood meeting. At least, I’m not staying up late on Wednesday to get it done for Thursday! I had Janet’s block this month. Her only requirement was to use the fabric in her box. I found a block I liked at Quilter’s Cache…a 9-patch star.

It had 24 2-1/2 inch 1/2 square triangle pieces. Squares cut at 2-7/8 inches, sewn a quarter inch on either side of a diagonal line, trimmed to 2.5 inches. Here’s my little pile of trimmings.

Lay it out (I just used my sewing/cutting table instead of the design wall). Can you see my layout error?

The middle left squares aren’t pointing the right direction. Of course, I didn’t notice it until I’d pieced those 2 rows…at least I hadn’t sewn the rows to each other, yet, but I did have to do a little reverse sewing.

It probably took me a little longer than necessary, but a couple of hours from start to finish and…Ta-Da!

I also put borders on a table topper, but didn’t take any photos of that. And, made the back for the same table topper. Now, it just needs to be sandwiched. I’ll be using it as a demo project for a free motion quilting demo I’m doing on Saturday.

And, just for the cuteness factor, here’s a picture of Kiki snuggling on the futon in the sewing room – between some project boxes and a blanket.

I’m looking forward to Festival in a couple weeks. Hopefully, though, I’ll have some more of my own work to show you before then.

Have a good week!

First, last night the speaker at our guild meeting was Becky Goldsmith of Piece O’ Cake Designs. She was very interesting and funny. Her quilts are so bright and cheery. Her presentation was about color. Here are a couple pictures of some quilts she had with her.

Sorry about this picture…the quilt was moving too fast around the stage. This was the best I could do.

As for me, I finally finished the quilt I’m calling “Whole Lotta”. There are a whole lotta snowballs around the outside, a whole lotta orange, a whole lotta thread in the quilting. It still needs to be blocked as it doesn’t hang perfectly straight, but I’m considering it DONE. The pattern is from Kaffe Fassett.

and here is a close-up of some of the quilting.

If you click on this picture, you should be able to see it better. I quilted this myself on my Viking home machine…I should have kept track of how many spools of thread I went through – I think at least 8 110 yard spools; probably more. The circles took a lot of thread, as did the tight stippling on the background. All free motion quilted.

The only marking I did was on the border – just on the corners to make sure that I hit them right.

It’s getting to be time for Fall Market and Festival, which means that Amy will once again be hosting a virtual quilt festival. Watch this space.

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Is it just me, or has the year just zoomed by? It has been a lovely “autumn” in north Texas the past week. Temperatures hanging around the mid-70s to mid-80s. Cool at night. When I rolled out of bed at 10:30 this morning (don’t hate – there was a pounding sinus headache I was trying to sleep away), the little temperature feature on my laptop said it was 55 degrees. I may have to break out a jacket for work tomorrow.

Anyhow, I’ve been sewing up a small storm the past couple of weeks. Last Friday, it was “Quilt Girls Party” at TQW and Saturday was an open sew day in the classroom. I had really high hopes of getting my table topper all sewed on Friday. I talk too much. I worked hard on it on Saturday, though. I was all excited and took a picture of the “finished” top:

(Here’s a close-up. Isn’t this fabric (Layered Nature by Studio E) just yummy?)

Only to realize, as I packed up at the end of the day, that I hadn’t put the borders on. Well, crap. The borders still aren’t on, but I have several weeks until I need the top completed for my free-motion quilting demo.

While I was working away on the table topper, my friend, Cindy, was working on her 2nd Saturday project from September. How cute is this?

She fussy cut a martini glass and made her center look like an olive by adding a red “pimento”!

Last night, I got to work on the final step of my “Whole Lotta” quilt. I had originally top-stitched the circles down. With off-white thread. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started this quilt 150 years ago. Now, I’m unsewing that machine stitching and making things better with a hand needle and some silk thread.

That black arrow is where you can see the ugly…up top of the photo, making it better.

And, I’m doing a little quilting mystery reading…I picked up the first book in the Someday Quilts mysteries last November at Festival. The author, Clare O’Donohue, was in the Accuquilt booth signing books. One thing lead to another (or more like a ton of books later) and I finally got around to reading it a couple weeks ago. It was good! I finished the 2nd in the series last night and will start the 3rd sometime later today. Probably after bowling.

Another good book I read in September was “Dead to Writes” by Cathy Wiley…her debut novel. You should check it out. A good mystery, good characters. I’m looking forward to more from her.

Okay, it’s time to get back to unsewing circles…as soon as I switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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