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Working on a few things…

Posted on: September 22, 2010

I haven’t had any real finishes lately, which is why I’ve been blog-absent. But, I read something the other day about people wanting to see process, not just finishes. So, here are some WIPs (works-in-progress).

First, this is Sisterhood week. Here is the block I made:

I did this Monday night – it took about an hour and a half…used Tri-Rec Tools which make cutting triangles and other angled pieces really easy.

I’m working on a few other projects, too. This quilt is almost finished. I just need to finish pulling all my quilting threads to the back and tying them off. I gave you a bit of a sneak peek a few posts back. Here are a couple pictures of the border.

After 5 years, I think it’s about time to put this one to bed! It’s so densely quilted, it’s going to end up being a wall quilt. I really am looking forward to getting it done!

In October, I am giving a free demo on free motion quilting at TQW. I’m really excited to be doing it…but I need a sample project. So, I’m making a table topper from “Livin’ Large” a book by Heather Mulder Peterson. It is this Touch of Class tablecloth. I am using the Layered Nature line by Studio e. Here are a couple pictures of my fabrics – some cut, some not!

That red with the big fluff balls on it will be the center of my tablecloth.

The blues are really more teal or turquoise than the look in the picture.

And, here’s a sneak peek at a piece of the first block on another project.

Finally, I leave you with a picture of Felicity. I guess she’s comfortable with us.

And, she has no shame 🙂

Happy sewing!


1 Response to "Working on a few things…"

Love your block and other work.
Felicity looks like one contented cat!

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