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More Minneapolis, quilting with silk, and a little REO Speedwagon

Posted on: May 30, 2010

Before leaving Minneapolis after Market, Diana, Kristie (my sister), and I did a little sight-seeing. We started Sunday morning with a visit to the iconic Mary Tyler Moore.

The statue is on The Mall (Nicollet) and was an easy walk from our hotel. There was a Target girl on the corner (Twins played at Target Field and some Target people were handing out granola bars.) who offered to take a group picture for us:

Me, Kristie, Diana

Then, we headed over to Walker Art Center for a walkabout at the Sculpture Garden…which I never visited in the 9 or 10 years I lived and worked in The Cities. It was a nice day to walk in the garden. The best known of the sculptures in the garden, in my opinion, is the Spoonbridge and Cherry:

It is cool in person – and water sprays from the stem of the cherry, which I didn’t know.

This weekend I was able to take a class at The Quilter’s Workshop. It was a class in silk piecing. We chose blocks from Carol Doak’s “50 Paper-pieced Stars”. There is a block to represent every state in the Union. I decided I would make 4 different stars – one for each state I have lived in: Minnesota, Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas. I worked on the TX star in class, and nearly completed it. Here are the parts that I and my classmates had up on the design wall:

Heidi’s block

Sue’s block

Sharon’s block

Laura’s block

My block – the corners will be completed with gold triangles.

After class, I went with friends to a free concert featuring the Gin Blossoms and REO Speedwagon.

The people-watching at such an event is always worth the price of admission! This guy had some looooong hair. Check out that braid!!

I knew more songs by the Gin Blossoms than I thought I did. And, REO Speedwagon has such great ballads…it was good to have a spot of 80’s nostalgia.

Here’s the stage:

I know it’s blurry. I think my camera was trying to focus on the head of the bald guy standing in front of me, despite the fact that I was trying to zoom past his shiny head.

This is the view we had for a good part of the night. We were sitting on the back side of the beer line.

Once the sun went down, it was easy to see the jumbo screen.

For a bunch of old guys(! – I mean, come on, they formed the year I turned 3) they looked and sounded good. I thought Kevin Cronin’s voice sounded strong and just like I expected it to sound.

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend.

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Who can turn the world on with a smile?
Love the Gin Blossoms!

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