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I know it’s been forever, but I didn’t really have anything quilt related to share with y’all. So, let me warn you that this post is going to be very picture heavy. Today I attended a workshop with Karen Stone. You know how sometimes you admire a person’s work, then find out they aren’t such a nice person…kind of a diva? Well, let me tell you, that does NOT describe Karen. She is funny, charming, and talented. She spoke at our guild meeting on Monday. I wasn’t sitting in the best spot for picture taking, because I got the back of Stacey’s head in a lot of the photos, but I hope you can enjoy the awesome-ness of these quilts.

Today, we got to look at a few of these quilts close-up…as in touching and petting and ooh-ing and aah-ing.

We talked about color and the process Karen uses to make her scrappy quilts. She came around to each of us and helped us apply that process to the fabrics we brought along; then, she demonstrated the creation of a New York Beauty block. Seriously, even with the time to explain what she was doing, it took her less than 30 minutes to complete the block. Here are some pictures from today.

Ann-Marie (that’s her on the left) showed us her version of Karen’s Lady Liberty pattern. She made it with her daughter and some of her daughter’s friends. I think it’s looks great!

Karen (standing in the center in the black outfit) explaining why certain fabrics work together.

Our little group gathered around and offered plenty of opinions.

Here we are passing around Karen’s New York Beauty block. See that cute little lady sitting across the table from Karen? The one with the big flower in her hair? We met at a retirement center and she is one of the residents who came and went during the day.

A close look at Cinco de Mayo.

More Cindo de Mayo.

And that’s all the quilt-y things I have to share tonight. I do need to get behind my own sewing machine and get a block done for Sisterhood by Wednesday. I’m very excited to be headed out of town later in the week to hang with my Trixie Peeps for the weekend. Good friends, bowling, Elvis, and 5Ws. What more could a girl want?

Lots of reading going on here, too. That’s partly why there hasn’t been much sewing happening. I read all of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I enjoyed it a lot…it was fun re-learning the mythology I’d forgotten.

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay was sad, but so good…the story of a little Parisian girl and her family who were seized in a roundup of Jews during WWII. They have a connection to a family in modern day Paris. Heart-wrenching at times, but the story-telling was good, and worth the tears.

Fantasy in Death, the latest in the Death series by JD Robb. Enjoyable as always.

Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison is the latest in her Rachel Morgan series. It made me cry. I am really liking this series and will be sad when it ends. I like the characters and Kim Harrison’s writing style keeps me interested.

Deception: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman. Again, a series I really like with characters I enjoy.

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. The latest in her Mercy Thompson series. Another fantasy series that I was introduced to in the past year and really have enjoyed. Finished it last night, so I’m on to something new now…The Real Enemy (Sophie Trace Trilogy, Book 1) by Kathy Herman. This author is new to me. The book is a mystery and so far, so good.

Now, my faithful reader :-), I’m off to eat a Ho-Ho (who’m I kidding? I’m going to eat them both) and pick up that book (well, my Kindle…which I LOVE! I am currently carrying about 40 books around in my purse.) Maybe snuggle a cat. Wild Saturday night! (Obviously, I don’t often eat Ho-Hos…I’m more of a Little Debbie Swiss Rolls girl…There are THREE! Ho-Hos in a package. And, yes, I ate them all.)

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