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There hasn’t been much going on to share as far as quilting goes…but December has been busy. There was my cousin’s wedding in MN at the beginning of the month: Kristie and I shopped at Mall of America when she picked my up from the airport. We parked in Texas:

We stopped in downtown Virginia, MN, to pick up some hot air from Canelake’s. It makes me happy to see the same Christmas decorations across Main Street year to year. I missed getting potica at Italian Bakery, but there just wasn’t time to do everything.

It was fun to spend time with the whole family. All Mom’s brothers and sisters haven’t all been in one spot for quite some time.

Kristie and I braved the cold temps down by the lake to wander through the beauty of Bentleyville…and we had our picture taken with Donner.

I had several Christmas celebrations with friends…I am very lucky.

And, I added a new cat to my household. Isn’t she a cutey? Her name is Felicity.

She’s 7 years old, and I got her at our local no-kill shelter, Operation Kindness.

I’ve spent my holiday with friends, Diana, Mike, Paris, and Sam. Had a perfectly lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (Despite Mother Nature’s confusion and a white Texan Christmas!)

Merry Happy to all of you who stop by my little blog.


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