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A finish coming up, Halloween fun pun, and more

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Good golly, Miss Molly! Can you believe it is November already? I have about a foot of binding left to sew down to finish last year’s Sisterhood quilt.


I’m fairly certain I’m going to name this quilt after the George Strait song “Adalida”. I was trying to come up with something that wasn’t too cliche New Orleans…and the first verse of the song is

“Adalida, pretty little Cajun queen
Sweet Dixie flower, the bell of the bayou
You’re every young man’s dream.
Adalida, I’d walk through the hurricane
To stand beside ya sweet Adalida I’d swim the Ponchartrain”

And, I think the purple, green, and gold of the quilt are befitting a Cajun queen 🙂 .

We had a little Halloween party at TQW on Halloween Eve. While costumes were not required, they were highly encouraged. I’m NOT a costume person. They are always soooooo lame. This year, though, I thought my idea was clever and punny, and totally fitting for a group of sewers. I was a Viking Husqvarna sewing machine – complete with a spool of “thread” and a giant needle!


and here is my costume with my inspiration!

On Halloween day, I went to open sew, and worked on my piece for the Christmas Swap at Four Seasons. I’m using a storm at sea block. I adapted the design from a pattern in “A New Light on Storm at Sea Quilts” by Wendy Mathson. I hope my swap partner likes it. It’s kind of hard to tell too much from this little bit:

And, finally, I leave you with a picture of Kiki and Conroe. Conroe is a sock kitty from the “Mingle & Jingle” at Cracker Barrel. (By the way, that’s my Round One top from the ORBQ that Kiki’s laying on…it would be nice to find time to quilt and bind it before Christmas, since it IS Christmas fabrics!)
Kiki and Conroe

Have a good weekend…TGIF!


2 Responses to "A finish coming up, Halloween fun pun, and more"

Hi Lori:

Your swap partner for 4SQS **loves** her quilt!

Storm at Sea is one of those blocks that I would love to have a quilt made from. . . .but I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

I guess I cheated by tearing into the packaging as soon as it arrived yesterday, but I’m so glad that I did.

The fabrics are very luscious and a quick tour through the book you sent was just too little time. . . .I saw several quilts that will definitely go on my “to do” list.

Thank you for a wonderful swap.

I hope my swap partner likes her quilt as much as I like the one that you sent.

In peace & pieces,

Sherry V.

I am so glad you like the quilt, Sherry!

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