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Fall Quilt Festival (of the virtual variety)

Posted on: October 13, 2009

Park City Girl, Amy, is, again, hosting a virtual quilt festival. THIS was my entry in her Spring Festival. It has taken me a while to decide which quilt I wanted to enter as my favorite. The quilt I wanted to talk about was made by my Great Aunt Ella…and my sister and I liberated it from Mom’s place in the mid-80s and called it “blankie”. However, I can’t find a picture of blankie and, sadly, blankie was so well used and loved and hauled all over the place that the last time it went in the wash, it disintegrated.

From all the quilts I have made over the past 12 years or so, one of my favorites is only 12 x 12 – a Christmas wall hanging that I call “Christmas Beauty”.

Christmas Beauty

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now, head on over to Amy’s blog with your favorite beverage, and a snack, and check out the other 500+ quilts on display!


10 Responses to "Fall Quilt Festival (of the virtual variety)"

Very nice! So I’m guessing each of the 4 sections is roughly 4″ square? Wow…is is lovely.

This piece is great. I like the blues.

Nice the duvet ,
Marika Hungary

Beautiful wall hanging, It is very nice. Congratulations!!!

Oh my goodness. That’s a lot of tiny triangles. I’m impressed.

Yikes! That’s an involved block. Congratulations Lori, I’m not sure I could do that.
Heading over to the Virtual Quilt Fest.

Very beautiful wall hanging – I love circle and star quilts and this has elements of both. Did you paper piece your wall hanging? The fabrics are really pretty- It is great design.
Thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoyed the show.

Thank you, Anna! And, yes, it is paper-pieced. Lori

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