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How can you not love a face like this?

Posted on: September 3, 2009

Herc close

This post is about Hercules. We’ve had a rough couple of weeks. His breath smelled bad, so we went to the vet. The vet called and said it looked like he had bone cancer. Then, she called back and said she pulled 4 teeth, and maybe it wasn’t bone cancer, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t soft tissue cancer. I brought him home. I’ve been giving him liquid antibiotics twice a day. And, feeding both he and Kiki canned food. They eat more expensively than I do!

This week, we had a follow-up appointment. The vet did another asperation of his gum area (after looking in his mouth and saying it didn’t look good). Yesterday, she called with the pathology results. Well, if the results are “inconclusive”, are those really results? Anyway, Hercules might have cancer, or he might not, but she seemed to lean more heavily toward the have side. And, if he does have cancer, it appears to be an aggressive kind. He has a tumor on the lower left jaw. It feels to me like it has gotten bigger.

So, I continue to give him antibiotics twice a day…and feed both of them canned food (which I’m mixing with bag food…and he doesn’t seem to have a problem eating it). And, I cry.

I’ve had Kiki and Hercules since the summer and fall of 1996. I knew the day would come when they would die. I didn’t think about one of them getting sick. Hercules doesn’t seem sick. He eats well, and he isn’t in pain.

I’ve never had my own pets before. The dogs we had when I was little don’t count. I wasn’t attached to them. Grandma and Grandpa’s dogs didn’t count.

I cry because he’s my favorite (even though I’m not supposed to have a favorite). He sleeps on my head. He likes to cuddle. And, he purrs really loudly. And, snores just a little. And, I will miss him. Even though he’s a cat. Look at this face.

Herc with tongue out

herc yawning

and I’m fairly certain that Kiki will miss him, too. Even if she resented him 13 years ago. And, hissed and growled at the little ball of grey and white fur that he was back then. And, refused to sleep in the bed with him for a long time. And even if she hissed and growled at him last week…even though he is twice her size now.

Herc and Kiki

If you have a pet…give him or her an extra treat tonight.

Quilty things coming this weekend.


5 Responses to "How can you not love a face like this?"

He is beautiful. I am sorry for your worries. Love him lots!


Hercules is gorgeous, take good care of him and yourself.

Yeah, I think he’s pretty cute, too. He seems to be doing fine, so fingers crossed.

Ooh!!! Sorry . hercles is very pretty.I hope Hercules better.

Thank you so much! He doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, except for the tumor on his jaw is growing.

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