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I feel like it’s been ages since I posted any quilting things, so I’m going to try to make up for it tonight!

Today was the deadline for the “Good Ol’ Summertime” Swap at Quilting Gallery. I hope my partner likes the little butterfly I made for her. Here is a look at it:

The pattern was from 3D Explosion by Cara Gulati. I had a hard time with the technique, and time was running out, so I decided to do it as a fusible applique.

I finished the raw edges by couching some 1/8″ shiny ribbon to them. And, the antennae are embroidered from metallic floss.

Here is my freezer paper template for the sashiko-style quilting I did.

And, the finished project.

On Wednesday of last week, we had our Sampler Studio class. The “Good Humor” quilt blocks are turning out so cute! Here is what we did this month:

sampler studio 9-09

Thursday was Sisterhood night. We were a few ladies short, but here is what we had to show:

Barbara 9-09
De 9-09
gerry 9-09
cindy 9-09
Gay 9-09
diane-sept 09

After Sisterhood, I headed out to Joshua, TX, to the retreat center at Batik’s Galore for a weekend of sewing and fun.

This is a picture looking away from the retreat center:

Barbara has added 3 donkeys to her menagerie:

And, there’s always plenty of lovin’ to be had from Gus and Molly:

It was Barbara’s birthday on Friday, and we were honored to celebrate with her:

Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of the black, white, and yellow table runner that I quilted. I’ll get that later this week. Hopefully, I’ll get the binding on before the week is out. I finished the butterfly quilt while there, too. I also pieced the top for the first project that we did at the ORBQ flickr group. I chose fabric from City Girl Holiday and I Believe in Santa.


And, I quilted the baby quilt for my bowling partners’ grandbaby. I am so pleased with the way this turned out! Harriet showed me how to make leaves, and I think she may have created a monster!

Now, I’m off to watch the rest of “Dancing With the Stars” and “Castle”. With all the premieres this week, it will be good for binding in front of the tv!


Herc close

This post is about Hercules. We’ve had a rough couple of weeks. His breath smelled bad, so we went to the vet. The vet called and said it looked like he had bone cancer. Then, she called back and said she pulled 4 teeth, and maybe it wasn’t bone cancer, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t soft tissue cancer. I brought him home. I’ve been giving him liquid antibiotics twice a day. And, feeding both he and Kiki canned food. They eat more expensively than I do!

This week, we had a follow-up appointment. The vet did another asperation of his gum area (after looking in his mouth and saying it didn’t look good). Yesterday, she called with the pathology results. Well, if the results are “inconclusive”, are those really results? Anyway, Hercules might have cancer, or he might not, but she seemed to lean more heavily toward the have side. And, if he does have cancer, it appears to be an aggressive kind. He has a tumor on the lower left jaw. It feels to me like it has gotten bigger.

So, I continue to give him antibiotics twice a day…and feed both of them canned food (which I’m mixing with bag food…and he doesn’t seem to have a problem eating it). And, I cry.

I’ve had Kiki and Hercules since the summer and fall of 1996. I knew the day would come when they would die. I didn’t think about one of them getting sick. Hercules doesn’t seem sick. He eats well, and he isn’t in pain.

I’ve never had my own pets before. The dogs we had when I was little don’t count. I wasn’t attached to them. Grandma and Grandpa’s dogs didn’t count.

I cry because he’s my favorite (even though I’m not supposed to have a favorite). He sleeps on my head. He likes to cuddle. And, he purrs really loudly. And, snores just a little. And, I will miss him. Even though he’s a cat. Look at this face.

Herc with tongue out

herc yawning

and I’m fairly certain that Kiki will miss him, too. Even if she resented him 13 years ago. And, hissed and growled at the little ball of grey and white fur that he was back then. And, refused to sleep in the bed with him for a long time. And even if she hissed and growled at him last week…even though he is twice her size now.

Herc and Kiki

If you have a pet…give him or her an extra treat tonight.

Quilty things coming this weekend.

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