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Quilt Plano 2009 – Pictures

Posted on: August 15, 2009

Yesterday and today was the Plano (Texas) guild’s quilt show. On Friday, I volunteered as a “quilt angel”, even though I’m not a member of this guild. As a quilt angel, you wear white gloves, so you can touch the quilts – turning them for someone to see the back, usually. There was a preview on Thursday night that I went to with 3 of my friends. We had 2 hours to browse the almost 300 quilts that had been entered in the show. Here are a few of my favorites. (You can click on the photos for a closer view.)

This birdhouse quilt was absolutely adorable! It is called “Home Tweet Home” and was made by the Cotton Patch Quilt Guild.


This cottage quilt is done in hand embroidery, including some silk ribbon embroidery. It is called “Kathleen’s Folly” and was made by Germaine Reconnu and Kathleen Casey.

Kathleens Folly-cottages

And, a couple close-ups:

Kathleens Folly-closeup2
Kathleens Folly-closeup

This quilt has over 7000 crystals on it! I know I wouldn’t have the patience for that. It is called “Tequila Sunrise” and was made by Cynthia Vance. There’s also a close-up of some of the bling!

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise - crystals

This pretty little wall hanging was made by Anne-Marie Jennings, the president of the guild I belong to. It is called “Four Seasons of a Woman”.

Four Seasons of a Woman

“Big Hat Dolls” was made by Janie Thurmond. There were quite a few quilts with machine embroidered blocks, but only a couple with hand embroidered blocks. The dolls on this quilt were all hand embroidered! The work was fabulous. Look at how tight the stitches are in the close-up!

Big Hat Dolls
Yellow feather hat

My friend, Gerry Augustyne, entered 3 quilts in the show. Here she is with 2 of them – her “Holly Jolly” quilt got 2 Honorable Mention ribbons!

Gerry's Holly Jolly

Finally, even though there are all kinds of other pictures I could show you, here is the quilt that won Best of Show. It is called “Brown Bird’s Lullaby” and was made by Sally Magee. In the close-up, look at how perfect those teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy little appliqued circles are!

Brown Bird's Lullaby
Perfect circles

This was my first time attending the Plano show. It was really nice!

Now, here is my little girl, sitting in the window while I surf the web. Isn’t she lovely?


What have I been reading? I’m all caught up with Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series! I’m on the latest JD Robb “In Death” book. I’ve been reading these 2 series for about 2 years, and I’m sad to be all caught up.


3 Responses to "Quilt Plano 2009 – Pictures"

It is always good to see what other people are doing. I love your friend’s Double Irish Chain, what was the quilting like in the counterpanes? The Tequila Sunrise is spectacular and I also love the Best in Show. Hope you enjoyed your time as a quilt angel, sounds like a wonderful day!

Hi, Diana! Thanks for coming over to visit my blog!

Kathleen’s Folly is stunning! I have never seen such intricate, artful embroidery in such a fullscale project. Kathleen Casey did the embroidery and one must appreciate the skill, care, and patience — let alone sheer artistic ability — to create such intricate work.

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