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First, I actually found a spot to HANG my design wall! Then, I did a bunch of sewing. Saturday morning I did most of the piecing of this table runner, which is made from charm squares.

yellow and black table runner

It’s ready to be quilted.

Then, I pulled out these blocks from a swap I did a few years ago. All the blocks are paper-pieced. I got this far and when I went to cut the horizontal sashings, realized I didn’t have enough fabric left. I’ll pick more up on Wednesday, and may get this top finished by this time next week. There are supposed to be 30 blocks, but one of the blocks I got was seriously short of 8.5 inches square, so I decided to only use 25 (it’s hard to see the blocks on the far right because my design wall isn’t quite wide enough).

Black and white

When I figured out I couldn’t finish the black and white top, I decided to pull out the remnants of a Basic Grey “Sultry” layer cake. Kiki and Hercules sleep at the bottom of my bed…and leave a lot of fur behind. I thought I would make a topper, which would be easier to wash than the bedspread or quilt. Here is what I have so far:

Bed Topper

These blocks will finish to 12″ square. I’m happy with 24 inches wide, but think I want to go at least 60 inches in length.

New books this week, too. I started “Fearless Fourteen” by Janet Evanovich, and “Physik” by Angie Sage.

Okay, now I have to apologize to Margaret Mitchell…or Scarlett O’Hara.

Thursday was a better day than Wednesday. At least there was no one lurking outside the bedroom window!

Let me start by showing you the great block from Wednesday night’s Sampler Studio:

studio sampler july

Doesn’t it make you want an ice cream cone?

Thursday night was our Sisterhood meeting. We were missing several gals, but let me show you what we had.

celia july-1
Celia’s blocks

cindy july
Cindy’s blocks

de july
De’s blocks (this was my July project…my block is the lower right corner.)

diana july
Diana’s blocks

donna july
Donna’s blocks

gerry july
Gerry’s blocks

lori july
Lori’s blocks (mine!)

(My apologies to Judith Viorst – but thank you for the title of this blog post!)

Wednesday morning I was rudely awakened at 7 a.m. by a sound on the roof of my patio. My bedroom window overlooks said patio roof. There was a man out there. A painter. And, he was talking. Loudly. Outside my bedroom window. At 7 a.m. I mean he was less than 3 feet from my window. On the 3rd floor. No warning from the management that there might be men outside windows on Wednesday morning. Nice.

And, it only got better from there. I got up and got ready for work. Third Wednesday is Sampler Studio class at TQW, so I had my sewing machine, project box, and notions tote to take with me. I gathered everything up and wheeled the sewing machine to the stairs. These stairs.


Sixteen cement stairs. I have carried my sewing things up and down these stairs dozens of times in the past 2 or 3 years. Wednesday morning my sewing case tipped and slid down the stairs. All 16 of them. The project box and notions tote were on top of the sewing machine case. Thread and other notions went flying everywhere. At 8:50 a.m. Ugh! My downstairs neighbor was home and came out to help pick up the carnage. In the 90+ degree heat. (Now, I’m not only late for work, but I’m hot and sweaty less than 45 minutes after getting out of the shower. Nice.)

Luckily, my sewing machine survived! The wheeled case not so much. Well, it survived, but not without some damage. The handle doesn’t collapse any more, making it impossible to close in the trunk. Sigh.

I won’t tell you how my work day went.

Yay, me! My selvage bag won a ribbon in the guild challenge on Monday…best use of scrap/stash fabric.

In case you missed it the first time, here it is, again:

green ribbon

I am the Queen of Procrastination. It’s hot, so I’m still putting off sewing. But, I’m going to get to it. I promise! I’ve got the desktop fired up in order to get caught up on “Merlin”…I forgot during the week, and now I’m going to be 3 episodes behind after tonight.

Kristina at sew domestic is hosting a Studio Tour.

Here’s my sewing space. These windows face westerly, so there is a lot of sunlight coming in. Hopefully this picture isn’t too dark.


Yes, I shopped at Joann’s earlier today.

Here is my storage wall…with the mini quilt I received in the Spring Blooms Swap hanging on the wall.


And, there are questions. I have answers.
1. What do you use your space for? Most of the time, it’s my sewing room. In a pinch (and with advance warning so I can clean it up) it’s the spare bedroom. And, it’s the “office”. It’s a great multi-tasking space.

2. What is your favorite thing about your space? It’s close proximity to a bathroom! And, as you can see in the pictures, it gets good light.

3. What struggles do you have with your space? It’s dang hot in the afternoon. And, I’d like it to be twice it’s size.

4. When do you use your space? Pretty much every day. If I’m not sewing, I’m computering or watching tv.

5. Share an organizational technique that works for you. Please go back to picture 2. Organizational technique? Yeah, not so much. In the past week I have misplaced my bag of sewing machine accessories and my entire ORB quilt-a-long quilt. The entire thing. It was there last week. Now, it’s gone. Gone. It’s probably in the same place that those socks go when they go into the dryer but don’t come back out.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m off to sew now. Really.

There is a Parade of Quilts happening. And, I do love me a parade! It is the brain child of Camille at Simplify and Carrie at LaVieEnRosie . So, here’s my first quilt:


My apologies for the photo quality. I had to scan it from a scrapbook page. Anyhoo, it was a baby quilt for my friend, Ronna, who was pregnant with her third baby…first girl. I absolutely had no idea what I was doing, but had seen a kind of colorwash quilt in a book and figured I could do that. So, I drafted out a heart, cut a kajillion 2-inch (I KNOW, what was I thinking?) squares and laid them out on the living room floor. Then, Hercules, big cow that he is, came running through the living room, right through the middle of my kajillion 2-inch squares. Once I was able to put things back together, I pieced the top and hand-tied it…at every intersection. Yeah. I believe I made this around 1997 or 1998.

My latest COMPLETED quilt is the little landscape I made for the challenge at The Quilter’s Workshop. It’s just a few posts down, but I’ll show it to you here, again.

finished landscape

Voting is currently going on at the store, so if you’re local (or visiting), click on their button on my sidebar, get directions, and go out and vote! (You can only vote in person.)

And, don’t forget to go over and vote in the Ugly Quilt Contest! (Pssssst! I’m a contestant!)

What was I thinking? – The Ugly Quilt Contest

That’s about it for sewing this past week. My friend, Marco, visited yesterday. We went to the Rosemeade Aquatic Center in Carrollton. What a nice (inexpensive) place to have poolside fun! It was super hot (and we’re expecting 3 more days over 100 degrees). After lunch and shopping, we went to see “Pelham 123”. It was so good. I love John Travolta and think it really says something about his acting ability when someone who seems so affable in person (well, you know, on tv) can play such a convincing bad guy. Then, I let him win at cribbage…best of 3. And, yes, he skunked me on the 3rd game. Boo!

I need to get busy on a block that is due on Thursday…and besides working every day, I have guild Monday, Sampler Studio on Wednesday…and I hate having only one night to get a block done, in case something comes up.

Aaaaaand, I finished the Kim Harrison book I was working on “The Good, The Bad, and The Undead”. I couldn’t fall asleep Friday night, so I stayed up until 1 a.m. Now, I’m on book 3: Every Which Way But Dead. Still enjoying this series.

First, if you are clicking here from Allison’s blog Cluck, Cluck, Sew – welcome! And, thanks for stopping by. I’d love it if you’d leave a comment!! (No matter HOW you made your way here.) If you haven’t checked out the blogs linked at Cluck, Cluck, Sew…finish reading here and then make your way over there! There are over 200 creative, crafty blogs linked.

Besides the bags I showed you in my last post, I did some other sewing over the weekend. On Friday, we had a Sew Party and I was able to finally get borders on my Sisterhood Quilt from last year. Unfortunately, I was so excited to leave the quilt for Mike at TQW to longarm, I forgot to take a picture.

But, here is a repeat picture of the top prior to the borders.

Loris Sisterhood Quilt1

It needs a name. I’m thinking of something with the word “lagniappe” in it. But I haven’t come up with anything I really like. Maybe I should have a contest…and a give-a-way. I’ll have to see if I can find something for a prize….hmmmmmm…..

I also finished my row for the flickr group Row Robin. It was my turn to do Diane’s row. She wanted monochromatic rows, all different widths, a big block and a matching small block. Here is a picture of the three rows that have been completed so far. Mine is the bottom (yellow) row.

Diane's Rows

I looked in different books to find the blocks, and then re-drafted them to suit the sizes I wanted. Always remember, don’t ever forget…figure in your seam allowance! Yes, I ended up NOT using the 2-inch square churn dash block I made. I kept it, though, so I might make a teeny-weeny little hanging something or other with it.

I spent a little time (30 minutes or so) picking up in the dining room and living room after work tonight. Why is it that I always end up with a bigger mess than I started with? Whatever. I made 1 bag of trash and started a Goodwill box, and an old magazines box. And, I can see the dining room table, again! Hopefully, the really tall stack of bins full of fabric won’t come tumbling down in the middle of the night!!

Thanks for visiting!


My quilt guild has a “green theme” this year. The 25th anniversary is in July and we were given a bag challenge. I actually made 2 bags over the weekend – and they aren’t even due until a week from tomorrow! I picked up the book “Simply Sublime Bags” by Jodi Kahn a couple weeks ago because she had some good inspiration projects in it. It’s a low-sew, no-sew book, so I did adapt her projects to the sewing machine.

The first project I made was also inspired by “Quilts from the Selvage Edge” by Karen Griska. (You can check out all kinds of selvage projects on her blog.

I picked the envelope clutch pattern from the “Simply Sublime” book, covered my foundation with selvages, Misty-fused the lining to the foundation and voila!

Selvage purse

Selvage purse

The next project was a modification of the “Simply Sublime” Tee-bag. She lined her t-shirt with duct tape. I, again, broke out the Misty-fuse, and fused some fabric from my stash to the inside of the t-shirt. Granted, the coverage isn’t the same as it would have been with duct tape, but I also didn’t want to sew through duct tape on my sewing machine. I zig-zagged around all the raw edges even though t-shirt knit doesn’t ravel. But, in some places, I cut my lining fabric and needed to keep that from ravelling.

T-shirt bag

T-shirt bag

I’m hoping to win “Best Use of Recycled Products”…

Now, I have to get busy in a journal for my friend, Jenny. I’ve had it for ages and am feeling bad that I haven’t had a really creative idea for it. It’s a journal about teen sleuths. Jenny is one of my “Trixie friends”. We met online on a message board for fans of Trixie Belden. I’ve decided I’m going to put in a picture of the bookcase where all my Trixie’s reside.


Somewhere along the line from leaving Mom’s house, to a couple of different apartments in both Duluth and Minneapolis, and moves to New Orleans and Dallas, my original Trixie’s were given away or lost. So, I’ve been rebuilding my library. I have some of each of the different versions, but not a full set of anything.

I finished “Salvation in Death” last night. It makes me sad because there are only a couple more books until I’m all caught up on the series. I started “The Good, The Bad, and the Undead” by Kim Harrison, the 2nd in her Rachel Morgan series. Still a ways to go in “Wicked Prey”.

There is an ugly quilt contest at Quilting Gallery. As much as I hate to admit it…I have at least one quilt that fits that description. Come on, say it with me: “My name is (insert name here) and I have an ugly quilt.” So, I entered mine.

Here it is:
crazy daisy

I like the pattern (Spring Fever from the book Certifiably Crazy by Buggy Barn. I think I picked my fabrics in the dark. With my eyes closed. And my back turned.

Click this button to enter your ugly quilt. Or to view the other uglies. You know you want to.
What was I thinking? – The Ugly Quilt Contest

My little landscape quilt is done and turned in to the shop for the challenge. It is called “I heart the beach”.

There’s a sand castle and some rocks:

Some shark’s teeth and little miniature shells that I found on the beach in Venice and put in a clear button:

And, a little “I heart the beach” sign:

The challenge is “Viewer’s Choice” voting and the winner gets a gift certificate to The Quilter’s Workshop. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I know there is some stiff competition entered!

I’m still reading the same books as the last time I talked about them, I think. The bedside book is “Salvation in Death” and I’ll finish that before the weekend. The car book is “Wicked Prey” and I’ll likely finish that before the weekend is out, too. Never fear, there are at least a half dozen books waiting in the TBR pile!

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