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I received the most lovely swap quilt…

Posted on: June 29, 2009

on Friday! I was in Austin for the weekend, so I’m just now having a chance to show it to you. My swap partner was Fanny. Check out her website here. Here are a couple pictures.

swap quilt 6-29

close up swap quilt 6-29

Aren’t her leaves and the centers of the flowers great? This swap has been a lot of fun. Michelle is having another swap for the summer, so head on over to Quilting Gallery before July 6 to sign up for the Good Old Summertime mini quilt swap!

In the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap

What did I do in Austin you ask? Sweated. Ugh! It was sooooo hot! But it was my friend, Marco’s birthday on Friday.

tim and marco

That’s Tim on the left and Marco on the right…they both had a birthday over the weekend and celebrated with a combination party. We had a good dinner at Artz Rib House, and ice cream cake and drinks at Tim’s house. It was low-key and fun. Sunday morning Marco’s wife, Tracey, made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then we headed off to Barton Springs to swim. Actually, I got in the water and got out of the water. It was COLD! 68 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrr!!! It was nice to sit in the shade and talk and read.

Finally, the deadline for the Dream Landscape challenge is nigh! I was able to get a lot done on Friday. Last night, I did a little more quilting. Tonight, I put the binding on – still need to do the handwork – and added some paint. There are beads to add and embroidery to do. Here are some pictures of the landscape so far.

landscapequilt 6-29
toes 6-29
sailboat 6-29


2 Responses to "I received the most lovely swap quilt…"

thanks for stopping by and offering up your encouragement.
i decided to start over with new fabric and i like my second go-round even better!
i need to square up the pieces but the next step is sewing together the blocks. all the while repeating to myself, “quilting is fun. quilting is fun!” 😉

i am speechless at the work you’re doing here. absolutely lovely.

Thank you for your kind words, Melly! I hope you have an EPIC success this time around.

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In the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap


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