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Day three and still rollin’ along…

Posted on: June 23, 2009

Wow! You’d better sit down because here it is the 3rd day in a row with a post. I know you were waiting with bated breath to see how the feet were going to turn out. They were a little more difficult than I’d anticipated. But they are appliqued on – as is the little puffy cloud.

with feet and cloud

I’m hoping the feet will gain more personality with the embellishment. I haven’t quite figured out, yet, how I’m going to do the toenails…oh, the possibilities.

Here is a close-up of the cloud.

cloud close up

I want it to be puffy, so I Misty-fused 2 layers of batting together, then Misty-fused my cloud fabric to the batting. I cut away the batting so it would be a little smaller than the outline of the cloud…put the zipper foot on and stitched the cloud down.

Then, I Misty-fused my back to a piece of batting and pinned the quilt sandwich together. Because I’ve got the batting/back fused, I don’t need as many pins.

pinned sandwich

Now, comes the fun part. Embellishing!

The embellishment has a couple purposes…it covers up the raw edges; and it quilts. Gotta like the double-duty jobs!

You want to work from the back forward…so I did the sun’s rays first. I used invisible thread on the top and yellow in the bobbin. After a couple of adjustments to the tension (1. because of invisible thread and, 2. because of the batting), a zig-zag stitch couches the cording and covers my raw edge.

sun with embellish

See those cut off ends? I’m going to cover those up with my 2nd layer of embellishment. Switched the bobbin thread to blue, and made my zig-zag a bit wider…and down went my rick-rack.

2 layers of embellishment

We’re really having fun, now!!! I need to pick up some more fibers tomorrow, so I’m done for the evening.

Happy hump day!


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