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It goes together quickly…

Posted on: June 22, 2009

I KNOW! Two posts in 2 days!! But, I wanted to show you how quickly this landscape went together. After work, I vacuumed, ate dinner, did a load of laundry, and checked Google Reader (which, by the way, I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!! Why didn’t I know about this sooner?) Anyway, it was just after 8 p.m. when I actually got down to work.

I had traced all the parts of the landscape on to freezer paper last night and cut them out on the lines.

Tonight, I started by gathering my fabrics, and ironing the freezer paper pieces down.

Freezer paper pieces

Then, you layer the pieces together and sew them in order. Using the freezer paper as a guide, you sew in the little space between the freezer paper pieces with a straight stitch. Here is what the sky and water looked like when all sewn together:

sewing together

Once you get all the pieces together, remove the freezer paper and trim the fabrics that lay on top close to the stitching. It doesn’t need to be perfect because it’s going to be covered with embellishment of some kind!

trim closely

Here is the rough cut:

all together

Don’t you just love the tropical fish fabric? When the fabric first came into the store last summer, they couldn’t keep it on the shelf!

And, here it is squared to 16 inches. I’ll have to square it again after the quilting is done.

squared up

I used some terry cloth for the beach towel…and Dupioni silk for the sand. I wanted some texture.

Less than 2 hours later…And, I’m just about done with the mechanics of the top. Yay, me!

Tomorrow I hope to get the cloud and the legs appliqued down. I have a feeling that may take a little more time than the background took.

Have a great Tuesday!


P.S. I also finally finished “Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes” tonight. I knew the ending would make me cry, which is why I kept putting it off. Such a good book. Great lessons for people of all ages regarding acceptance. I’m reading the next JD Robb book; I think it’s “Salvation In Death”. Also, have the latest John Sandford book going “Wicked Prey”. I first discovered this series when I lived in New Orleans. I like to read about places I know and almost all of these books take place in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. One even took place in and around my hometown of Virginia, MN!

Okay, folks…I’m off.


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