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It starts with a plan….

Posted on: June 21, 2009

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Actually, the weekend is ending with a plan. July 1 is the deadline for my LQS’s next challenge. It is based on the Dream Landscapes book by Rose Hughes. I’ve had this idea rattling around in my head ever since I came back from Shane’s wedding in Florida.

Here’s the plan:


Hopefully, I’ll get most of the sewing done by this weekend, so I only have embellishing/quilting left.

There was an awful lot of sewing on my agenda for the weekend. It started after work on Friday…well, it really started on Wednesday at the Studio Sampler Class. Sam is putting a new spin on some older/traditional/forgotten blocks. This was the 3rd month. I joined in on month 2, and this is my first finished block. I’m using a couple layer cakes from Moda’s Soiree line by Lila Tueller. It’s bright and fun!

Wild Geese on the Pond

Wild Geese on the Pond

Saturday I decided to re-arrange my sewing room/spare bedroom. I don’t know if the futon will open – oh, it’ll open, but I don’t know if there will be room to walk around it – but I feel like I have more room. Anyway, that pretty much blew the whole morning. I started out my sewing by working on a couple blocks for my Row Robin swap. After mis-measuring and ending up with a 1.5 inch square churn dash block (yup, I finished it and it looks good!), I gave up on that project.

On to sewing my strips for the quilt-a-long at Old Red Barn Co. . I am SO far behind!!! Today, I finished sewing together my groups of 6. I had a helper.

herc guarding strips
Everyone knows if you don’t closely guard your work, it could walk away.

And, in case any wayward birds tried to fly in through the (closed) window, Kiki was there to protect us.


With all that protection, I had no choice but to finish all my sets!


Sometime between now and Thursday night, I will press them. This will be my “Girls Night Out” project on Friday.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. And, may your Monday be…well, not a Monday!


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Great work on the quilt along. Its so much fun sorting out which way to arrange the blocks.

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