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A pattern-less skirt…

Posted on: June 16, 2009

Remember the grey, white, yellow, and orange fabric from a post ago? It is now a skirt. I’ve been sewing for 30-some years…and I’ve made a lot of clothes for myself, but always with a pattern. I did some googling and found some tutorials and hints for making a skirt without a pattern. Armed with nothing more than my 6×24 ruler, my rotary cutter, and my hip measurements, off I went. I added 4 or 5 inches to my hip measurement (for comfort/ease/movement) and, with Cindy’s help, determined that the finished length of my skirt should be about 21 inches or so. I cut out a rectangle out of my main fabric at those measurements, plus an inch in width for a seam and 1.5 inches in length for elastic casing. I also cut out a 4 inch wide strip of a matching yellow fabric for the bottom of the skirt. The strip was folded in 1/2 and sewn to the long edge of the main fabric. Thus, effectively degating the need for a hem. (Smart girl, huh?)

I folded over 1.5 inches on the other long edge, and secured it with a zig-zag stitch. Then, I fed the elastic through the casing and sewed each end down with a zig-zag. After that, zip up the seam, a little top-stitching to hold down the seam at the bottom and the back, and voila!

skirt front

skirt side

I think it’s turned out pretty cute! (And, please ignore the spots on the mirror. The maid is on strike.)

Then, I’ve finished my block for this week’s Sisterhood gathering. I have Cindy’s quilt. I am not really happy with my block…you can see in the top left corner there is a pucker. I’ve taken it out twice, and expect I will bring it back home with me Thursday night and re-do it over the weekend.
cindys block

Then, I’ve got my Quilt-a-long strips going…I am totally amazed at all the people who have finished their tops! And, other things. And, they have families. I’ve got a job and 2 cats. And, a virtual farm on Facebook. And, since I’m the on-strike maid, I obviously should be able to get more done, right? Anyway, I’ve got about 1/2 of my strips sewn into pairs. I have really BIG plans for the weekend.


This box of strips will become a quilt top. I hope. Unless the maid decides to go back to work. At the very least, she needs to do laundry and vacuum.

Here’s a picture, too, of the completed and washed/dried so it’s all crinkly mini-quilt for the swap. It’s been sent off to its new home and SHOULD arrive there before the week is out. I don’t want to say, yet, where it’s going, but I will say I mailed internationally.

Of course, I have a couple books in progress, and read/finished a couple since I posted last. I read “The Sorceress” by Michael Scott. Ooooo! So much adventure, mythology, excitement…and something like a year until the next installment 😦 . I also read “Dead and Gone” by Charlaine Harris. I love this series. I don’t have HBO, so don’t see the show “True Blood”, but the books are really good.

My car book (Kermit and I are getting along quite well, thank you very much) is “Flyte” the second book in the Septimus Heap series. This is a series aimed at grades 4 – 8. It’s really good. Kind of a magic/wizard/fantasy series. I’m a little more than 1/2 way through it.

My bedtime book (which is calling my name…it’s past my bedtime) is “Dead Witch Walking” by Kim Harrison. This is a series that was recommended to me by Sam at the quilt store. I am really a little surprised by how much fantasy I have been reading lately. I don’t think of it as my “thing”. Hmmmmmm.

Thanks for stopping by…have a great week!

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