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on Friday! I was in Austin for the weekend, so I’m just now having a chance to show it to you. My swap partner was Fanny. Check out her website here. Here are a couple pictures.

swap quilt 6-29

close up swap quilt 6-29

Aren’t her leaves and the centers of the flowers great? This swap has been a lot of fun. Michelle is having another swap for the summer, so head on over to Quilting Gallery before July 6 to sign up for the Good Old Summertime mini quilt swap!

In the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap

What did I do in Austin you ask? Sweated. Ugh! It was sooooo hot! But it was my friend, Marco’s birthday on Friday.

tim and marco

That’s Tim on the left and Marco on the right…they both had a birthday over the weekend and celebrated with a combination party. We had a good dinner at Artz Rib House, and ice cream cake and drinks at Tim’s house. It was low-key and fun. Sunday morning Marco’s wife, Tracey, made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then we headed off to Barton Springs to swim. Actually, I got in the water and got out of the water. It was COLD! 68 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrr!!! It was nice to sit in the shade and talk and read.

Finally, the deadline for the Dream Landscape challenge is nigh! I was able to get a lot done on Friday. Last night, I did a little more quilting. Tonight, I put the binding on – still need to do the handwork – and added some paint. There are beads to add and embroidery to do. Here are some pictures of the landscape so far.

landscapequilt 6-29
toes 6-29
sailboat 6-29

Wow! You’d better sit down because here it is the 3rd day in a row with a post. I know you were waiting with bated breath to see how the feet were going to turn out. They were a little more difficult than I’d anticipated. But they are appliqued on – as is the little puffy cloud.

with feet and cloud

I’m hoping the feet will gain more personality with the embellishment. I haven’t quite figured out, yet, how I’m going to do the toenails…oh, the possibilities.

Here is a close-up of the cloud.

cloud close up

I want it to be puffy, so I Misty-fused 2 layers of batting together, then Misty-fused my cloud fabric to the batting. I cut away the batting so it would be a little smaller than the outline of the cloud…put the zipper foot on and stitched the cloud down.

Then, I Misty-fused my back to a piece of batting and pinned the quilt sandwich together. Because I’ve got the batting/back fused, I don’t need as many pins.

pinned sandwich

Now, comes the fun part. Embellishing!

The embellishment has a couple purposes…it covers up the raw edges; and it quilts. Gotta like the double-duty jobs!

You want to work from the back forward…so I did the sun’s rays first. I used invisible thread on the top and yellow in the bobbin. After a couple of adjustments to the tension (1. because of invisible thread and, 2. because of the batting), a zig-zag stitch couches the cording and covers my raw edge.

sun with embellish

See those cut off ends? I’m going to cover those up with my 2nd layer of embellishment. Switched the bobbin thread to blue, and made my zig-zag a bit wider…and down went my rick-rack.

2 layers of embellishment

We’re really having fun, now!!! I need to pick up some more fibers tomorrow, so I’m done for the evening.

Happy hump day!

I KNOW! Two posts in 2 days!! But, I wanted to show you how quickly this landscape went together. After work, I vacuumed, ate dinner, did a load of laundry, and checked Google Reader (which, by the way, I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!! Why didn’t I know about this sooner?) Anyway, it was just after 8 p.m. when I actually got down to work.

I had traced all the parts of the landscape on to freezer paper last night and cut them out on the lines.

Tonight, I started by gathering my fabrics, and ironing the freezer paper pieces down.

Freezer paper pieces

Then, you layer the pieces together and sew them in order. Using the freezer paper as a guide, you sew in the little space between the freezer paper pieces with a straight stitch. Here is what the sky and water looked like when all sewn together:

sewing together

Once you get all the pieces together, remove the freezer paper and trim the fabrics that lay on top close to the stitching. It doesn’t need to be perfect because it’s going to be covered with embellishment of some kind!

trim closely

Here is the rough cut:

all together

Don’t you just love the tropical fish fabric? When the fabric first came into the store last summer, they couldn’t keep it on the shelf!

And, here it is squared to 16 inches. I’ll have to square it again after the quilting is done.

squared up

I used some terry cloth for the beach towel…and Dupioni silk for the sand. I wanted some texture.

Less than 2 hours later…And, I’m just about done with the mechanics of the top. Yay, me!

Tomorrow I hope to get the cloud and the legs appliqued down. I have a feeling that may take a little more time than the background took.

Have a great Tuesday!


P.S. I also finally finished “Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes” tonight. I knew the ending would make me cry, which is why I kept putting it off. Such a good book. Great lessons for people of all ages regarding acceptance. I’m reading the next JD Robb book; I think it’s “Salvation In Death”. Also, have the latest John Sandford book going “Wicked Prey”. I first discovered this series when I lived in New Orleans. I like to read about places I know and almost all of these books take place in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. One even took place in and around my hometown of Virginia, MN!

Okay, folks…I’m off.

(Before I forget…remember to check out the Quilt Qua link on the right and enter into the “Tell-A-Friend” give-a-way!)

Actually, the weekend is ending with a plan. July 1 is the deadline for my LQS’s next challenge. It is based on the Dream Landscapes book by Rose Hughes. I’ve had this idea rattling around in my head ever since I came back from Shane’s wedding in Florida.

Here’s the plan:


Hopefully, I’ll get most of the sewing done by this weekend, so I only have embellishing/quilting left.

There was an awful lot of sewing on my agenda for the weekend. It started after work on Friday…well, it really started on Wednesday at the Studio Sampler Class. Sam is putting a new spin on some older/traditional/forgotten blocks. This was the 3rd month. I joined in on month 2, and this is my first finished block. I’m using a couple layer cakes from Moda’s Soiree line by Lila Tueller. It’s bright and fun!

Wild Geese on the Pond

Wild Geese on the Pond

Saturday I decided to re-arrange my sewing room/spare bedroom. I don’t know if the futon will open – oh, it’ll open, but I don’t know if there will be room to walk around it – but I feel like I have more room. Anyway, that pretty much blew the whole morning. I started out my sewing by working on a couple blocks for my Row Robin swap. After mis-measuring and ending up with a 1.5 inch square churn dash block (yup, I finished it and it looks good!), I gave up on that project.

On to sewing my strips for the quilt-a-long at Old Red Barn Co. . I am SO far behind!!! Today, I finished sewing together my groups of 6. I had a helper.

herc guarding strips
Everyone knows if you don’t closely guard your work, it could walk away.

And, in case any wayward birds tried to fly in through the (closed) window, Kiki was there to protect us.


With all that protection, I had no choice but to finish all my sets!


Sometime between now and Thursday night, I will press them. This will be my “Girls Night Out” project on Friday.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. And, may your Monday be…well, not a Monday!

If I haven’t said it before…the work that the women in this group do is AWESOME! Here are our blocks up to this point.

My blocks

My blocks

Janet's blocks (except the pink bordered cat)

Janet's blocks (except the pink bordered cat)

Cindy's blocks on left, Sam's blocks on right

Cindy's blocks on left, Sam's blocks on right

Gerry's blocks

Gerry's blocks

Barbara's blocks

Barbara's blocks

Celia's blocks on left, De's blocks on left

Celia's blocks on left, De's blocks on left

Gay's blocks

Gay's blocks

Diana's blocks

Diana's blocks

Diane's blocks (not the partial horse)

Diane's blocks (not the partial horse)

Donna 6-09

I finished “Flyte” today. It was good! I picked up the 3rd book in the series yesterday…used my Border’s “Super Coupon” – woo-hoo.

Okay – off to harvest the virtual crops. A farmer’s work is never done 🙂 .

Remember the grey, white, yellow, and orange fabric from a post ago? It is now a skirt. I’ve been sewing for 30-some years…and I’ve made a lot of clothes for myself, but always with a pattern. I did some googling and found some tutorials and hints for making a skirt without a pattern. Armed with nothing more than my 6×24 ruler, my rotary cutter, and my hip measurements, off I went. I added 4 or 5 inches to my hip measurement (for comfort/ease/movement) and, with Cindy’s help, determined that the finished length of my skirt should be about 21 inches or so. I cut out a rectangle out of my main fabric at those measurements, plus an inch in width for a seam and 1.5 inches in length for elastic casing. I also cut out a 4 inch wide strip of a matching yellow fabric for the bottom of the skirt. The strip was folded in 1/2 and sewn to the long edge of the main fabric. Thus, effectively degating the need for a hem. (Smart girl, huh?)

I folded over 1.5 inches on the other long edge, and secured it with a zig-zag stitch. Then, I fed the elastic through the casing and sewed each end down with a zig-zag. After that, zip up the seam, a little top-stitching to hold down the seam at the bottom and the back, and voila!

skirt front

skirt side

I think it’s turned out pretty cute! (And, please ignore the spots on the mirror. The maid is on strike.)

Then, I’ve finished my block for this week’s Sisterhood gathering. I have Cindy’s quilt. I am not really happy with my block…you can see in the top left corner there is a pucker. I’ve taken it out twice, and expect I will bring it back home with me Thursday night and re-do it over the weekend.
cindys block

Then, I’ve got my Quilt-a-long strips going…I am totally amazed at all the people who have finished their tops! And, other things. And, they have families. I’ve got a job and 2 cats. And, a virtual farm on Facebook. And, since I’m the on-strike maid, I obviously should be able to get more done, right? Anyway, I’ve got about 1/2 of my strips sewn into pairs. I have really BIG plans for the weekend.


This box of strips will become a quilt top. I hope. Unless the maid decides to go back to work. At the very least, she needs to do laundry and vacuum.

Here’s a picture, too, of the completed and washed/dried so it’s all crinkly mini-quilt for the swap. It’s been sent off to its new home and SHOULD arrive there before the week is out. I don’t want to say, yet, where it’s going, but I will say I mailed internationally.

Of course, I have a couple books in progress, and read/finished a couple since I posted last. I read “The Sorceress” by Michael Scott. Ooooo! So much adventure, mythology, excitement…and something like a year until the next installment 😦 . I also read “Dead and Gone” by Charlaine Harris. I love this series. I don’t have HBO, so don’t see the show “True Blood”, but the books are really good.

My car book (Kermit and I are getting along quite well, thank you very much) is “Flyte” the second book in the Septimus Heap series. This is a series aimed at grades 4 – 8. It’s really good. Kind of a magic/wizard/fantasy series. I’m a little more than 1/2 way through it.

My bedtime book (which is calling my name…it’s past my bedtime) is “Dead Witch Walking” by Kim Harrison. This is a series that was recommended to me by Sam at the quilt store. I am really a little surprised by how much fantasy I have been reading lately. I don’t think of it as my “thing”. Hmmmmmm.

Thanks for stopping by…have a great week!

so there is no cleverness in the header!

I have cool things to talk about, though.

First, I had a comment from Connie at Quilt Qua asking if she could include my blog in the blog listing on her site. Click on the link to check out Quilt Qua…a great resource of stores, shows, blogs, etc., etc., etc. Also, cool! She’s having a giveaway, so be sure to check out the site and tell your friends!


Here is info on the latest giveaway: Win: 1 Frosted Memories Fat Quarter Bundle by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics ! To enter simply “tell a friend” to spread the word about Quilt Qua. You can send an e-mail to people, post on your blog, comment on someone else’s blog, put info in your guild newsletter, etc. Then send an e-mail to: quiltqua@gmail.com and let Connie know what you did. Enter as often as you wish. Random drawing for the winner will be at 10 pm July 31st. (Feel free to post giveaway info on your site.)

Portrait Quilts
I took the day off from work on Wednesday and took a class out at Happiness is…Quilting in McKinney. The instructor was Margaret Bucklew and the class was a quilted portrait class. Because I signed up so close to the class date, I wasn’t able to get a custom pattern, but worked on one that she provided. I got further along than most of the rest of the ladies because I didn’t have as many pieces to cut out, but let me tell you: they had some seriously cool quilts in progress! Here is a picture of my nearly finished project:

Cat portrait

I chose to leave it as a 12 x 12 block so I could use it for my contribution to Diane’s Sisterhood quilt, but may go ahead and make her another one. We’ll see.

Here is Margaret’s website if you want to check out her work. Chiseled in Cloth .

New Fabrics
Of course, you can’t visit a new quilt store without checking out the goods, right? So the 3 fabrics on the left were my purchases for the day. (The white with the grey, green, and orange is going to be a skirt.) The 2 on the right, I picked up a couple weeks ago. So much pretty.

New fabric

Sneak Peak at Mini Quilt

Time is ticking away on the Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap. If you want to salivate over all the loveliness that is being swapped, you can check out the pics in the flickr group.

I am now ready to sandwich and quilt mine. Here are a couple pictures.
Spring Fling Swap_sneakpeak
Close up Spring Fling 1


Isn’t it lovely when the UPS man brings you something you’ve been WAITING and WAITING for? I ordered these books several weeks ago, and had to wait for the release date on one of them.
Book bonanza

I’ll be busting open the Charlaine Harris book as soon as I get my FarmTown grapes harvested!

Oh, yeah, and a new car!

The dealership that I bought my “old” car from called and said they need used cars, had a customer looking for an 05 Cavalier, would I be interested in trading in? So, Sophie has gone to live with someone else. I am now driving a very cute 09 Chevy Cobalt in “silver moss”, which is green. Kermit and I will have a long, happy relationship I’m sure.

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