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Vexed by an ice cream machine…

Posted on: October 21, 2008

I eat lunch out just about every day.  Basically, I’d rather sleep another 10 minutes than save $10 and bring my lunch.  Or drive home for lunch.  Sometimes I go alone, sometimes I go with co-workers, sometimes I’m lucky enough to meet a friend or two…most of the time, lunch is uneventful.

TODAY, however, the ice cream machine was causing a lot of consternation for other diners.  I had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  If you’ve never been, it’s a salad bar kind of place that also offers soups, baked potatoes, breads, and dessert.  Like Souper Salad, if you’re familiar with them.

Anyway, I took the first available empty booth they had which just happened to be near the ice cream machine.  Only it’s not really ice cream, but ice milk.  I digress.  Normally, you can get chocolate, vanilla, or swirl.  Today, though, there was only chocolate.  Only one black-knobbed handle to pull down and fill your ice cream dish (or teeny-weeny cone, if you’d rather).  I watched no less than a dozen people pondering the machine.  And, since I was sitting right there, could overhear – “I wonder how you get vanilla?” “Do you think they are out of vanilla?”  “Does this thing slide down so you can get vanilla?”

Guess what?  There was no vanilla today.  No plain, no white, no vanilla.  The only reason this made me sad was because I like to top the warm brownies with vanilla ice cream.  Truth be told, I’m not all that big a fan of the chocolate ice cream.  Unless I can mix it with plain, white, or vanilla.


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