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to DisneyWorld!  Packing, yet, to get done.  Housework, yet, to do.  A bunch of other things I need to get done.  BUT, I’m on vacation!  Woo-hoooooo!!

Oh, wait.  I AM the maid.  It currently looks like something exploded in my front hallway.  For some reason, unknown even to myself, I seem to think that 2 feet inside the front door is a good place to leave things.  It’s not.  I should be busy cleaning.  I’m not.  It would be good if D. doesn’t trip over anything next week while she’s watching the cats.

So, I’m going to my Sisterhood meeting tomorrow night, but only staying to drop off blocks and get all the quilt cruise gossip.  Yes, my friends left out of Galveston on the Thursday before Ike hit.  They docked in New Orleans on Tuesday and flew back to DFW.  I’m guessing their cars may not have made it…

Then, home to straighten up, do a couple loads of laundry.  I’ll save the carpets ’til Saturday.

Dang maid.

Sometimes you just have to admit you can’t get everything done…so, I’m not killing myself to get the wall hangings done.  They will be just as effective in a couple weeks.

It’s more important that I I actually do some housework :-).

Yes, I should be doing something other than playing on-line.  I have 2 wall hangings to finish before next Friday.  One is about 3/4 of the way done, the other has 3/4 to go.  And, I am working at the store on Saturday.  So, I’m really off to do some hand quilting.

Hi – I’m hoping that I will be better about blogging this time around.  I know this first post is short, but I’ve got a bunch of work to do.

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